Should I Buy Links to Improve my Rankings

Mark Cook, over at has written a thought provoking article on why buying links is a dumb idea

As someone who offers clients a linkbuilding service using web content it would be a “of course he would say that”, kinda thing if I said don’t buy links. I’m not an expert on buying and selling links so my opinion is coloured by that fact. But what Mark presents is a logical case for the case against links. Of course it is one of the weapons in the arsenal and does a specific job and you have to know how to handle the weapon to be able to maximise its efficiency. Anyone who has been banned selling links know this.

An interesting quote in the article is from Shaun Anderson,

“If buying links was ineffective, it wouldn’t be against Google TOS. Think about that.”

Another interesting passage from the article:

I love it when our competitors do this, I really do. By outlaying £6k a month, they are taking money away that they could be investing in enhancing their existing content, improving the conversion rate of their website, or investing the money in campaigns to create hooks, interest and engagement.

I’m always shocked when I hear the budget some websites pay for paid links. £6,000 a month can build you some very juicy linkbait. What I would add to this is that the links that are generated through linkbait are natural, organic and extremely hard for competitors to replicate. And as pointed SEO Chicks pointed out this week, there are ways to nobble paid links. Although how many people actually do this I am not sure, I don’t know of any.

You could pay to produce beautiful content such as this which I assume has resulted in buckets of links and rightly so. Most scratch their heads and let the dandruff fall on their keyboard whilst they explain why their insurance – credit card – kitchen worktop website can’t make use of such content. But, that’s where content agencies like mine come in, we look at what content fits your niche and create something that will in all probability get links.

The fact will always remain that fantastic content will go links, so all you have to do to build links is create fantastic content.

5 thoughts on “Should I Buy Links to Improve my Rankings”

  1. I think some backlinks are good, such as yahoo offers a backlink for 24.99 for getting listed in their directory. That’s a great backlink. Google also offers the same service. These are great paid backlinks that every business should have in my opinion.

  2. Buying links is an interesting topic Lyndon. Last thursday Dixon Jones (MajesticSEO) said: ‘the largest company (<– Google) worldwide in selling links (Adwords) is saying we can't buy links?'.

    I can imagine websites buying in links during specific periods (Christmas when selling christmas gifts, summer when selling holidays to sunny beaches etc.). But in the end fantastic content should do the trick, buying links is just a (temporary) shortcut!

  3. I agree, buying links is the wrong way to go about link building, and we especially frown upon it for our smaller clients. It does leave these smaller businesses with a conundrum though, whether to reply on pay-per-click or spend on legitimate link building and additional content (in time or money) or use terrestrial old school marketing techniques or of course social networking. We usually recommend a bit of everything giving a client the widest coverage.

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