Where is PRWSocial?

There is a “PR & Social Media In Practice” on today.

I noticed it in my twitter feed, #PRWSocial, which is fine. But then I went to Google and did the search thing and had to wade through a bunch of twitter nonsense before I could get to the meat, which was the offical PRWSocial page.

Which is here if you are looking.

The point is they failed to optimise for the tweet tag before they launched.

Why is this important?

Well, if you have a bunch of PR people yammering on about social media whilst their fingers are leaving grease marks on their iPhones from the canapes tweeting about the conference, you need for people who stumble across the tweet stream to be able to bang the hashtag into Google and get to the page that tells you what it’s all about.

PR people must find it tricky to tweet from their iPhones, what with their wrists being weighed down by those really heavy Rolex watches 😉

So in future guys, know that social media must be integrated into your entire online marketing strategy and that includes SEO.

It’s the same if you are going to build a digital camera review blog, you must integrate to maximise the effect.

It’s interesting how the PR industry is so slow to really take advantage of social media. Meanwhile, it is the SEO professional who is the true master of this domain.

11 thoughts on “Where is PRWSocial?”

  1. I agree with the integration piece. Where PR people have the potential to become masters of social media is because of their understanding of how to create conversations and content. You have to have something worth watching/engaging with for SEO to have a purpose in the first place!

    1. It’s been a cliche for a long time in the SEO world that content is king, I think any SEO pro knows how to create content that works and then create the conversation that follows, allowing the content to go virtal. It’s not the PR that bangs on about linkbait, it’s the SEO. The SEO knows how to get the link, the link is merely a result of the conversation between the linker and the content.

      This opinion is based on how PR people operate in the social media world and most do not get it right, especially when compared to a crusty old, grizzled SEO who is battle scarred from many “conversation creations!”

  2. LOL i like the way you’re now ranking for “PRWSocial”…hmm was that all part of the master plan? 😉

    Incidentally a great site I came across a while back when trying to figure out what a twitter hashtag or trending topic is about is http://whatthetrend.com/ – a crowdsourced tool to solve your confusion… I’ve added PWRsocial in there, mainly as an experiment to see if it can outrank you :p

    1. Love it, an SEO smackdown challenge. Look forward to see how you get on.

      Thing is, who can really keep track of all these tools? There seems to be a new one every time I come back from the loo.

      Maybe Jaamit you can help me with a top ten essential tool list 😉

      1. LOL well its at #3 just from creating the page about the hashtag without any tweeting or links (the power of domain authority and a tightly targeted page title…). Dont worry I wont be linkbuilding to it 😉

        1. These little tests sometimes tell us very little, but other times they can tell us a lot. We constantly prod and poke until the goodies are given

  3. Haha… Wrists weighed down with Rolex watches? iPhones smeared with canapes? I’m in the wrong job lol

    Let’s hope someone notices this article at #1 and see if they manage to do anything about it 🙂

  4. Don’t blame the people Tweeting! It’s very easy to have a pop at PR people, but bear in mind that the delegates didn’t decree/define the hashtag.

    1. I don’t think anyone here is blaming the people tweeting. The responsibility is with the people who are in charge of marketing of the website. The point is that social media and SEO should be working together in an holistic fashion to enable the strategic objectives of the online marketing plan to succeed.

      And that if you are going to put someone in charge of the online marketing plan you are much better off with an SEO as they are much more likely to get it than the PR guru as they are more likely to understand how it all fits together.

      But, you are right and it is easy to make fun of PR people, if you read my blog you will find I make fun of everyone including myself, so don’t feel too hard done by.

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