UK SEO Company Goes Bust

I first heard about Lattitude having problems from Dave Naylor’s blog

The Telegraph is also reporting the story.

I’ve worked with the Lattitude guys before and chat with the seo guys on a regular basis and I can say they know how to cook it. They didn’t go down because they were bad at seo, but rather seem to have been a credit crunch victim.

There are other very large SEO firms that I don’t rate, who seem to make their cash by pumping pretty pie charts for the clients top chomp on and being visited by well suited salesmen with ultra white teeth and an unhealthy fixation for reading the Art of War by Tsun Tzu.

But as Dave Naylor said in his post, if you really want the job done well you have to go for the “special ops” guys. And in a recent blog post by Econsultancy they brought up the Specialist Vs Agency debate.

Which is all very interesting. Especially for me as I specialise in one thing, creating content to be pushed over social media to get links.

If you need the other stuff, I can send you in the right direction.

I’m not too worried about the seo guys at Lattitude as they are experts at what they do and will always land on their feet. Not too sure about the whiter than white toothed salespeople though.

Update: Alex Hoye, the big cheese at Lattitude has issued a statement saying things are calm and it’s business as usual, which is good to hear. Also, spoke to a few guys at Lattitude and they are not worried at all. Sounds like there is going to be a smooth transition and a shedding of a lot of debt.