Link Building to the Right Kind of Tunes

Music to link build to.

Building links with linkbait can sometimes by a labour and time intensive process leaving you drained quicker than snakes ass in Death Valley.

Here’s a selection of tunes to help ease the link building or linkbaiting process along.

Still smells fresh.

Nirvana, Smells like Teen Spirit

This one is jammed on repeat on my mp3 player

Florence and the Machine, You’ve got the Love

When you get into that link building sweets spot it’s like being on fire.

Kasabian, Fire.

A big stain of dirty, filthy energy from the Stranglers.

No More Heroes

One of the best base lines ever, turn it up and really feel it.

Yes I know, Stranglers again, well it’s my blog after all.

Walk on By, written by a very clever man called Bert Bacharach

Sticking with the Bert Bacharach theme, Do you Know the Way to San Jose. No points for guess the importance of the geographical reference.

Linkbuilding can be very entertaining if you have the right tunes.

The Jam, That’s Entertainment

Try not to take yourself too seriously.

The Dickies, Banana Splits

Bit of big band action with Lily Allen. The Lady is a Tramp

If you do too much link building, you are going to go….

Dizzee Rascal, Bonkers.

Mashup time, and mashups are always a tasty way to link build.

Speaking of Tasty, Kylie and New Order all mashed up. Who’da thought.

Bit of old, bit of new. Bloody Hell, look what happens.

Dizzee Rascal vs Nirvana – Stand Up Tall

Special thanks to Jools Holland