Cornwall Local Politicians Social Media Offer

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It’s going to be an interesting election in the UK in a few months. It will be the first to use social media extensively. I am sure many will get it wrong and a few will get it right. And for us in the social media marketing industry it will be fun to watch.

Rather than helping out only one political party I am going to donate time and advice to any local politician who desires it. Democracy is very important and such knowledge should not only be the preserve of those who can afford such advice.

So, advice on Twitter, Facebook, using social media sites to create viral messages. All that good stuff is available.

I am sure most have their plans already to go and are quite up to speed, but there is no harm in taking extra advice, even if you ignore it.

I will be keeping my voting preferences secret though, so don’t expect special treatment.

Email me at:

Note: This offer is not open to political groups who promote racist views.