How to ask for a Retweet

I get asked a lot to retweet. Most of the time I don’t do them as it’s off topic to the market I target on twitter. When it is on target and the content is great I have no problem with retweeting.

The problem is, people don’t ask the right way.

This is the wrong way.
Dude, can you retweet this,

This is the right way.
Dude, can you retweet this. “RT @lyndoman: The great thing about how a child thinks, is that it doesn’t know what can’t be done, so just does it.”

Do you see the difference.

The difference is TIME.

You are not wasting the persons time, as all they have to do is cut and paste.

But, you may think you are a hot-shot-seo-rockstar who thinks people should be grateful that you even would ask them to do something. I don’t know. What I do know is that if you ask people a favour you don’t have to go round the houses to give it to them.

And another thing whilst I’m here, pointing people to a bit of content and asking for a RT is a pain in the arse, and it’s not a Retweet, it’s a tweet. Pedantic? Yes.

In the future, anyone who asks you to RT and gets it wrong, send them to this page and let me have a word with them.

Sell Your Website Now

Top bloke, Richard Kershaw is buying up websites like they are going out of style. If you want to sell your website head over there now and check it out.

So if your spread betting broker has been hammering on your door for the past week this is a great way to get some quick cash.

You have to have a website that actually gets traffic and are high quality, I will let him explain as he does it better than me.

Richard comes with a personal recommendation and no money has changed hands or affiliate shenanigans involved, it’s just a straight up great service which can be trusted.

The Most Important Question When Linkbuilding

I’m always surprised when people set aside a period of time to build links to their website. Link building is far too important not to spend at least 24 hours a day doing it.

No, I don’t mean sticking match sticks under your eyes and putting a pot of Columbian jumping beans on the hotplate.

I mean that link building should be a constantly thought about. Continue reading “The Most Important Question When Linkbuilding”

How to Linkbait the Forex Market

I’m speaking at an affiliate conference, a4uexpo London in October, so I took a closer look at the main sectors that affiliates like to play in. I have it down to seven hot sectors.

Hot affiliate sectors

  • Gaming
  • Forex
  • Travel
  • Mobile comms
  • Dating
  • Retail
  • Financial

Lets look at the most abstract and probably the most difficult sector to get links to. The Forex market. Continue reading “How to Linkbait the Forex Market”