Pay to Get a Digg Front Page


Diggs for sale It seems you can now pay for a front page digg. Great, where do I pay. Oh wait, it’s looks like you have to be a multinational corporation with a big fat wallet. I wonder how much Paramount has paid digg for the front page? So much for people power.

How to ask for a Retweet

I get asked a lot to retweet. Most of the time I don’t do them as it’s off topic to the market I target on twitter. When it is on target and the content is great I have no problem with retweeting. The problem is, people don’t ask the right way. This is the wrong […]

Sell Your Website Now

Top bloke, Richard Kershaw is buying up websites like they are going out of style. If you want to sell your website head over there now and check it out. So if your spread betting broker has been hammering on your door for the past week this is a great way to get some quick […]