The Most Important Question When Linkbuilding

I’m always surprised when people set aside a period of time to build links to their website. Link building is far too important not to spend at least 24 hours a day doing it.

No, I don’t mean sticking match sticks under your eyes and putting a pot of Columbian jumping beans on the hotplate.

I mean that link building should be a constantly thought about.

Ever woken up in the middle of the night with an idea, a thought, a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for weeks. That is the sub-conscious mind working on the problem. It works when you do not, it is way more powerful than your conscious mind and can crunch through complex and creative problems.

This is how you can be thinking about link building 24 hours a day. It helps if you are obsessed with link building and you spend most of your conscious time thinking about it.

So what’s the most important question to be asked whilst linkbuilding? It is, “How does this help me get links?”.

Apply that question to everything you do and you will find some interesting solutions being created.

For example, this week I noted that a friend had his content ripped off. How can this help get links?
Answer, write a post questioning linkbait efforts and out the culprits.

I am getting increasingly pissed off that the Daily Mail gets on digg, whilst the geeky, snot nosed blogger gets his dongle knocked in the dirt by the digg bury brigade. How can this help get links?
Answer, organise diggers to boycott and bury the Daily Mail?

The people who run the BBC don’t seem to like mature women and go for the younger, more pretty versions. How can this get me links?
Answer, start a campaign on your site to get Moira Stewart and other mature women who have been canned, back on the BBC.

You bite into a mouldy croissant at a well known gardening chain’s cafe, (not Dobbies, the other one). How can this get me links?
You take a picture of the mouldy baked product, and post it to your blog and invite other people to send in pics of mouldy foods found in cafes.

The point is, as you go through your day stuff is going to happen which you can use to get links. It may take a bit of thought and time to get the idea to fruition, but it’s worth it to get the links.

Links are about people paying you attention and agreeing with you the item should be shared with other people.

So, if you create content that other people agree with and wish to share, you will build links.