How to Linkbait the Forex Market

I’m speaking at an affiliate conference, a4uexpo London in October, so I took a closer look at the main sectors that affiliates like to play in. I have it down to seven hot sectors.

Hot affiliate sectors

  • Gaming
  • Forex
  • Travel
  • Mobile comms
  • Dating
  • Retail
  • Financial

Lets look at the most abstract and probably the most difficult sector to get links to. The Forex market.

Forex is all about trading currencies on the world market and making money by buying low and selling high. It’s a huge, liquid market and is getting more popular with the “get rich quick whilst sitting at my computer in my underpants crowd”. You can learn more about the forex market here, here and here or you can check out this video.

Basically, there is a lot of money to be made by introducing new players to the market and taking a cut, and forex become very popular with affiliates.

To research the market I’ve set up a website around the subject to get to know the sector. I am sure that most hard core forex affiliates will laugh at my attempts, but the point of it is not for me to become an forex affiliate, but to help any forex affiliate who needs it. The site is “secret”.

I intend to share research on the Magnetic Web Content newsletters, and there will be a dedicated newsletter to help webmasters develop content and headline ideas for the forex market.

If you need to get notification click Forex newsletter will be available click this link and enter your details.

I will also be sharing some juicy findings at the affiliate conference, mostly about getting links.

So what’s the problem with getting links to the forex. Well it’s a very narrow topic, it’s not something that you can knock up content around “Top ten Forex Markets”.

The financial arena is different as it is more broad and you can play around with the content, reshaping it into something worth linking to.

But Forex linkbait?

Here are my thoughts:

Forex is driven by people and people tend to be strange creatures who generate strange stories. This is the key, focus on this and you should be able to generate a ton of linkbable material.

Forex is about making money. Sure you could argue that you are helping out by providing liquidity so that when white van man goes on his yearly syphilitic outing to Ibiza, he can easily exchange his weak pounds against the ever strengthening Euro, but, it’s really all about greed.

And greed is good, at least for linkbait it is. Lots of content ideas we can work with.

New opportunity
A few years ago, the individual could not have made money out of the Forex markets, an analysis of what people did before getting into forex trading?
How does this trading opportunity fare against other online money making schemes?

Impact on the wider world
How does currency trading effect ice cream sales? Does it effect ice cream sales? Who knows, the point is to apply incongruous items to uncover potential narratives. The crazier the better as you can bet that most other forex affiliates are not investigating the connection between currency exchanges and ice cream sales. So, if you do uncover some kind of story that Unilevers’ recent purchase of a French company has caused it to cut back in the R & D of Ben and Jerrys ice cream, then that’s a story about how the forex market effects ice cream sales that can be made into linkbait.

Unilever are not having problems and the above is pure fiction, but you get the point? It’s possible you don’t and may need an example. You will have to wait for the newsletter.

It’s not that hard if you change your mind set

The forex market is like any other market. It’s powered by people and wherever you get people you get stories and people love stories. And of course you don’t need to limit your linkbuilding to the forex sector. Go and research forex stories that Gardening blogs may link to.

You simply have to develop an eye for such things.

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