Where is Evan Carmichael?

So I got my monthly email from evancarmichael.com telling me I had posted no articles which had no ranking and was a big fat loser.

evancarmichael.com is a online business site where invited people can write guest posts, I don’t know much about it as I am rarely in the mood to read it or write for it. I don’t much like writing guest posts as my style tends to be a bit more honest than the usual gumpf you read and makes the owners of those blogs I guest post on a little nervous.


Today I thought, lets get in the writing mood and crack one off, an article I mean. Headed over the evancarmichael.com and found this:


It’s gone, but how could it. Just when I was in the mood to write some stuff for Evan. But maybe it’s just one of those web gremlins. Surely someone has not pinched the domain and about to point it to massivejugsformiddleagedmen.com Imagine thinking you are going to be sent to a Donald Trump article and ending up looking at ……

I’m sure the site will be up once more, but it highlights the fact that if you are a “only when I’m in the mood”, kinda blogger, you have to go with the flow. Writers who are a little more tightly wrapped can pump it out like a sausage factory on crack (would this mean the sausages have a bit more sizzle?)

Nothing mentioned in his twitter account, where I note he is following more people than he is being followed. Follow and drop method is so 2008.

But that raises an interesting point, can you be bad at marketing a twitter account and yet be good at marketing on twitter?

Disclaimer: This blog does not condone the ingestion of crack infused meat products or the denigration of middle aged men consuming content of females in a reduced clothing situation.