Who cares that you like Digg – Stumbleupon – Reddit – Delicious, best

It confuses me when people in my industry start talking about their personal preference when it comes to content tagging sites.

Why get so excited about how much you like the colours on digg than reddit and other such nonsense.

In my industry we deal in eyeballs, offering up your personal opinion about your emotional connection about systems like digg may give you pink fluffies. But seriously, who cares?

We are dealers in eyeballs, getting people to go to websites is what we do.

Tony Montana had good advice to say about this.

Tony Montana
Tony Montana

“Don’t get high on your own supply”

If you watched Scarface you will know what happens when you do become a user.

Much better to be a dealer than a user.

There are of course reasons why such expressions of emotional love about a website could be useful. If you are trying to attract the addicts of such systems and try to position yourself as their dealer.

Better to stick to data about how these systems can reach your objective.

How Much Does it Cost to Market a Website

Suddenly I get the urge to ask, “why do we have an seo industry?

The answer has to be, because search engines are not yet doing their job properly.

Is it possible to simply forget about seo and publish a website based on the natural ways a human being would organise information?

I think it is.

But it’s also possible for any system which interprets a naturally constructed web page to be tweaked and allow an enhanced page to rank higher than the natural page

Here’s another question. How much seo should a web designer know and use?

Why do we have an seo industry and not a web designer industry which uses seo techniques?

Is it because web designers are a bit thick?

…or is it more to do with that fact that an approach that a web page optimiser would take is totally different to that of a designer?

The different elements that make a web page/site popular take different ways of thinking. Different states of mind, hell different clothes even. If you get a mixed crowd of web designers, programmers and seos, you can invariably pick them out by what they are wearing and the amount of hair gel being used.

Social media marketers and linkbaiters are certainly no different.

The past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how a lot of these web development and marketing disciplines all fit together in the most efficient way. My conclusion is that you have to be expert in an individual category and have a working knowledge all the other disciplines to make you own work towards the objective. The objective being a successful website.

Knowledge isn’t enough when attempting to get expert status, you have to do and fail before you can do and succeed. Only then can you understand the distance between failure and success and the resources you need to employ to gain success.

Effectively marketing a website in even a moderately competitive market these days needs a lot of resources. A lot of experts working together. Social media marketing and online networking needs a lot of resources and time and therefore is expensive.

The answer to “how much does it take to market a website?”

More expensive than it was 5 years ago and probably a lot cheaper than it will be in five years time.

James Caan from Dragons Den Casts a Magic Spell on SEO

James Caan
James Caan
James Caan is best known for being one of the investors on the best thing on the telly at the moment, Dragons Den. Each week, knee trembling business people parade their money making ideas in front of a panel of people who make the Spanish Inquisition look like a 4 year olds tea party.

Starting from nothing, James Caan has built a multi million pound empire with incredible business skill.

As you might already know he has entered our world of SEO and online marketing by becoming the Chairman of one of the most successful SEO companies in the UK, Fresh Egg.

On Sept 4th James Caan and the Fresh Egg crew are going to be hosting an online marketing seminar at the Magic Circle in London.

James Caan will be speaking and presenting his thoughts on the current business and economic climate. I would think hearing his thoughts on this issue would be worth the ticket alone. There are a handful of tickets left but these are being snapped up as you read this.

Also covered by the Fresh Egg team will be SEO, social media and website conversion tactics.

PPC will be covered by experts Jellyfish, who will also discuss cost per acquisition and usability.

It’s an incredible line up, in a fantastic venue and I am also told there is going to be some great grub for lunch.

I was at the Fresh Egg HQ this week training their team in the dark and mysterious art of online buzz marketing and I have to say that I am impressed with the people I met. When creativity is allowed to flourish and is backed up with a hard core business sensibility, very interesting things can happen.

I would love to go and hang with a Dragon and the Egg crew, but on that day I will be taking my 4 year old to School for the first time.

What’s your excuse for not going?

Why SEO is Search Engine Scamming

Danny Sulliven has a post on Searchengine land called, Dear Fox News: SEO Is Not Search Engine Scamming (Unless YouÂ’re Scamming Yourself).

It’s the kind of post where I read the first few paragraphs, think yeah yeah yeah and then go back to watching the Cartoon Network.

But lets go back to Fox News, which is an American TV News channel whose slogan is “Fair and Balanced” and tends to get watched by people who thought George Bush was a socialist.

If you search for the story headline that Danny refers to, “top online jobs to leave you friendless”, Fox comes up number one on Google so it must be true. I realise that not everyone who reads this blog is British and so their default position may not be one of sarcasm and cynicism.

In other words:
If you are reading the Fox News blog for informative, insightful content you’re an idiot
If you want to know what SEO is, you google Danny Sullivan.

But I doubt anyone reading this blog needs to be told that, which means I have just wasted valuable time when I could have been watching the Cartoon Network.

Where is Evan Carmichael?

So I got my monthly email from evancarmichael.com telling me I had posted no articles which had no ranking and was a big fat loser.

evancarmichael.com is a online business site where invited people can write guest posts, I don’t know much about it as I am rarely in the mood to read it or write for it. I don’t much like writing guest posts as my style tends to be a bit more honest than the usual gumpf you read and makes the owners of those blogs I guest post on a little nervous.


Today I thought, lets get in the writing mood and crack one off, an article I mean. Headed over the evancarmichael.com and found this:


It’s gone, but how could it. Just when I was in the mood to write some stuff for Evan. But maybe it’s just one of those web gremlins. Surely someone has not pinched the domain and about to point it to massivejugsformiddleagedmen.com Imagine thinking you are going to be sent to a Donald Trump article and ending up looking at ……

I’m sure the site will be up once more, but it highlights the fact that if you are a “only when I’m in the mood”, kinda blogger, you have to go with the flow. Writers who are a little more tightly wrapped can pump it out like a sausage factory on crack (would this mean the sausages have a bit more sizzle?)

Nothing mentioned in his twitter account, where I note he is following more people than he is being followed. Follow and drop method is so 2008.

But that raises an interesting point, can you be bad at marketing a twitter account and yet be good at marketing on twitter?

Disclaimer: This blog does not condone the ingestion of crack infused meat products or the denigration of middle aged men consuming content of females in a reduced clothing situation.