Who cares that you like Digg – Stumbleupon – Reddit – Delicious, best

Tony Montana

It confuses me when people in my industry start talking about their personal preference when it comes to content tagging sites. Why get so excited about how much you like the colours on digg than reddit and other such nonsense. In my industry we deal in eyeballs, offering up your personal opinion about your emotional […]

Why SEO is Search Engine Scamming

Danny Sulliven has a post on Searchengine land called, Dear Fox News: SEO Is Not Search Engine Scamming (Unless You’re Scamming Yourself). It’s the kind of post where I read the first few paragraphs, think yeah yeah yeah and then go back to watching the Cartoon Network. But lets go back to Fox News, which […]

Where is Evan Carmichael?


So I got my monthly email from evancarmichael.com telling me I had posted no articles which had no ranking and was a big fat loser. evancarmichael.com is a online business site where invited people can write guest posts, I don’t know much about it as I am rarely in the mood to read it or […]