Where can I hire a writer?

As a writer I get confused when publishers ask me where can they find great writers. “Have you tried the Internet?” Usually gets a blank stare.

Apparently it’s really hard to hire great writers. I have only on few occasions hired writers to do work, which has probably made me a lot poorer as I take way too long over commissions. In fact I think over 95% of the writing I do for others is late.

Hey, just being honest, but if you hire me that’s what you get. Too much of a perfectionist and a control freak to let others mangle my words. If anyone is going to mangle it’s going to be me.

But most other publishers do not suffer from this disease and are always on the look out for decent scribes. People who are fast, accurate, engaging and lets face it cheap. Although if you are after all four of those attributes forget it.

So as I was sending out my weekly newsletter jam packed full of headlines I realised that the members of Magnetic Web Content needed a steady flow of writers to hire. That and the fact they constantly kept asking if I knew anyone.

So to shut them up I offered a free service to writers where they can advertise their service for free to the publisher members of Magnetic Web Content. A quick tweet and I suddenly get 15 writers advertising their service and some of they are real quality.

The only people who can see these adverts are the paid up members of Magnetic Web Content, who between them get millions of visitors to their websites each week and are very successful at what they do.

But, they are time poor and need the writers to come to them. Which is now what is happening over at Magnetic.

Proper marketers would have planned this system and then launched with all whistles and bells, but I quite like to explore needs in real time and let the market define the solution.

I think I have created something very interesting.

Free for writers.

$50 a month for publishers.

I am thinking of introducing more verticals such as php programmers, graphic artists, HTML coders etc. But lets see where the writers take us for now.

I am also looking at a more managed service, but more on that later.

If you want to sign up for free and post a writers advert go here no one but you and the paid up members will see the advert.

If you want access to the writers and a weekly email newsletter packed with killer headlines it’s only going to cost you $50 a month and you can sign up here .

There are 6 newsletters already published which you can download in the archives. That makes nearly 400 headlines ready for you to use in your blogs or website articles.

Oh and, it’s probably not going to stay at $50 a month, I’m going to raise the price, not sure when. But if you get in now that price will be locked.