Moonfruit Twitter Buzz Promo Going Mental

The second day of the Moonfruit Macbook promo is over and today I counted 99 tweets of #moonfruit in 60 secs. I chose one minute and random and counted. That’s insane.

They went from 1,000 odd followers to 30,000 and these are not the numpty followers that so called social media wannabe assholes get by doing the follow-drop-follow shuffle. These are real followers. Followers who do stuff like this.

It’s insane.

When was the last time someone got out their guitar and sang about your company on Youtube?

Buying Google ads aint gonna get you that buzz.

But here’s the thing, and here is why Moonfruit are getting the love, they sent the singer in that youtube vid an 8 GB iPod Touch. Why?

Because they get it.

The thing I like about buzz marketing is you don’t really need that much investment to launch a buzz marketing campaign. Sure, most cannot afford 10 Macbooks, but it’s not the Macbooks that made this buzz, what did it was the imagination behind it. And a good solid pair of cajones helps.

A buzz campaign is simply getting people to talk about your stuff. Linkbait has a lot of crossover with a buzz campaign, which is maybe why I love it. But it’s way, way more powerful.

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  1. That is an amazing example of hype done right. They must have a very smart professional coaching them. Like you said some companies get it, other fail.

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