How Chrysula Can Crush the Competition on Twitter

My old Pal Chrysula ask me how to get ahead in Twitter.

A while back she asked me about twitter, I sent off a long reply which never got to her. I of course forgot to send another. I just noticed she is on Twitter with only 34 followers, at least that was what she had before I shouted her out to my feed.

Instead of sending her another email, I’m going to blog the advice. I don’t have a twitter ebook or product to sell, although I do offer a consultation and training service.

  • The trick is to squeeze your personality into 140 characters
  • People follow other people for themselves, not for you, give them something to follow
  • Be opinionated, but be real.
  • Don’t hold back on alienating 20% of people when the 80% will love you for it.
  • Don’t get baited into arguments by numpties (I constantly fail at this one)
  • Make your avatar high contrasting, use hard tones rather than soft ones
  • Get people to drop your twitter link into blog articles, there is a way of doing that but that’s for later.
  • Touch on controversial, strong emotional issues, you don’t have to take a stand just ask a question. Only works when you have a lot of followers, as I have done here.
    It’s not an empty question as I was very interested in the response and if anyone was sympathetic to them I would defollow and block them.
  • Provide useful information to your niche
  • Define what your niche is and isn’t, the narrower you go the more power you will have.
  • Ignore anyone who calls themselves an expert. Don’t buy or sign up to any twitter scheme.
  • The number of twitter followers is not really important, it’s the type of people who are following you and if they actually read your tweets that are important.
  • Consider that your tweets may not be for your followers but for future clients.
  • Whatever you tweet stays tweeted forever. Some people tweet about the boy who just dumped then or how they managed to convince their Granny to move into a nursing home so they can get the house. Not a good idea. The whole world can access your tweets forever.
  • You can follow thousands, you can follow one. Doesn’t really matter, it depends on how you want to use the tool and your objective.
  • Use tweetdeck if you are hardcore.
  • Get addicted to tweeting only if there is an ROI, remember, define your objective.

Obviously there is more stuff to suggest and a lot of it is connected with the wider subject of online networking. I find the concept of creating social networks online fascinating and love to consult on the issue. I also train companies and individuals in this area.

If you need further help and can afford my enormous fee of £150 per hour for a phone consult. But only if you are not a Numpty.

3 thoughts on “How Chrysula Can Crush the Competition on Twitter”

  1. Good post, Lyndoman. The only thing I would offer is to use Seesmic Desktop instead of Tweetdeck. However the news today is supposed to be that Seesmic is acquiring Tweetdeck so perhaps it will not matter, since there may only be one after today.

  2. Another important tip: Have a realistic mind set.

    I hear people talk about how they think that if they tweet out a PR message that millions of people will re-tweet it. This just isn’t realistic. Twitter users tend to filter out marketing messages and only pass along ideas, messages, information that they think others will find useful.

  3. Good advice Lyndon. I would add that TwitterFox can make the process of managing Twitter easy, as when your distracted you can quickly check Twitter with one click. Otherwise, I think it’s worth mentioning you can delete tweets if you want to, so whatever you tweet doesn’t need to stay tweeted forever!

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