Hotel Headlines

The following is a short excerpt from a longer post in the members only section of the Magnetic Web Content forums. Travel is a very competitive area, but it is also a very rich area for content. A lot of the most obvious headlines get used over and over, one reason for this is because […]

Why turn off comments on a blog?

For a while now I have been turning comments on and off on this blog. I feel a blog goes through stages of life and usefuleness as other projects get more attention. This is no longer the blog it used to be, no longer sucking in comments like an industrial vaccum cleaner. Most of my […]

Where can I hire a writer?

As a writer I get confused when publishers ask me where can they find great writers. “Have you tried the Internet?” Usually gets a blank stare. Apparently it’s really hard to hire great writers. I have only on few occasions hired writers to do work, which has probably made me a lot poorer as I […]

How Chrysula Can Crush the Competition on Twitter

My old Pal Chrysula ask me how to get ahead in Twitter. A while back she asked me about twitter, I sent off a long reply which never got to her. I of course forgot to send another. I just noticed she is on Twitter with only 34 followers, at least that was what she […]

Seasonal SEO


If you want to rank for keyword groups around garden furniture or Christmas gifts, you need to take account of seasonal influences. But when should you plan to do your seo? Lets look at Google trends data for the keyword “garden center”. If you spotted the deliberate mistake, give yourself a donut. I will explain […]

Latest MoonFruit Twitter Promo Press

Updated web mentions on the #moonfruit campaign. Rebirth of a startup Techcrunch New Media Age, they seem to have forgotten to link Moonfruit Just Moonwalked All Over Michael Jackson, Ryan Healy How brands are buying and earning followers on Twitter, Jeremiah Owyang Twitter Needs a Spam Filter? No, We Need a Marketer Filter, Read Write […]

Moonfruit Twitter Buzz Promo Going Mental

The second day of the Moonfruit Macbook promo is over and today I counted 99 tweets of #moonfruit in 60 secs. I chose one minute and random and counted. That’s insane. They went from 1,000 odd followers to 30,000 and these are not the numpty followers that so called social media wannabe assholes get by […]

Moonfruit Bigger than Jacko


Yesterday a free website builder called Moonfruit became the most twittered about company on the Planet. Bigger even than Michael Jackson. Here’s how the front page of Twitter looked today. They showed how a proper Twitter marketing campaign should be run. Giving a Macbook Pro away each day for 10 days, and all you need […]

Rob Kerry Speaks on Internet Liberalisation

I asked Rob for a quote regarding Internet Liberalisation as discussed over at Gandi, the ethical domain name provider. Most of the quotes went here, but I thought Robs’ was worthy of a post of his own. If you don’t know who Rob Kerry is and you are in SEO, hide your embarrassment and quickly […]