Wordtracker for Firefox Keyword Tool

Just downloaded the new SEO Blogger tool from Wordtracker. Banged in the most boring keyword I can think of, “insurance” and it spits out

insurance,auto insurance,cheap insurance,car insurance,insurance quotes,health insurance,life insurance,state farm insurance,dental insurance,progressive insurance,health insurance quotes,farmers insurance,pet insurance,cheap auto insurance,homeowners insurance,travel insurance,allstate insurance,term life insurance,cheap california auto insurance,health insurance plans,home insurance,automobile insurance rules,motorcycle insurance,medical insurance,nationwide insurance,affordable health insurance,cheap car insurance,american family insurance,business insurance,

It also informs you of the number of searches performed on the keyword. You can sort by searches or keyword. There doesn’t seem to be an export to csv facility, which is a shame.

The benefit is that it’s within the Firefox window, it’s quick and easy.

A thesaurus module would be a useful addition.

Another easy way to build keyword such as engineering keywords is to use the Google keyword suggestion tool.

With most tools, the trick is to use it in a way that other people have not thought about. Throw a little creativity at it and have a little fun.

Which reminds me, I have to create some insurance headlines for this weeks Magnetic Content newsletter.

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  1. Hi Lyndon, for the life of me I cannot find where on WT you can download this Firefox plugin. Can you point me in the right direction?
    Ta, Gary.

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