What I would do to rank for "london safes"

Previously we identified an odd way to rank in google for london safes, and amused ourselves over a hot Fair Trade, Columbian, Arabica.

It’s easy to say how not to do it. And where would most SEO blogs be without snarky criticism? But, how would you rank a web page or site for the keyword london safes?

Looking at the first page of the results – we are using google.co.uk and searching in the UK – we can see that the term is pretty weak and easily dominated.

There probably isn’t a big affiliate push for London Safes and so the professionals are few and far between. So you wouldn’t have to do that much to rank. But unless you were selling safes in London you are probably not going to get an adequate return on your investment.

Steps to ranking for London safes.

Generate content around the keyword, make it useful and to the point.

Commission a report to be written on the new developments of modern safes and publish it as a pdf. Contact all the London security firms giving them access to the pdf and helping them link back to it.

Employ an seo professional to make sure your site is structured correctly, it should be a small job so wouldn’t cost too much. Or you could spend 3 years studying seo and do it yourself. But, by that time your safe business would have gone bust as you wouldn’t have had time to look after it 😉

Forget twitter, Facebook, digg, stumbleupon etc. You don’t need them, the keyword is weak so you are not going to need much to rank for it. Sounds crazy as I sell social media marketing to clients but it’s true.

You really only need to employ social media marketing if you are going after a competitive term, or where there are large, established websites squatting over the results page like a giant Sumo wrestler.

Not everyone needs social media marketing.

Others things you can do are…. Oh come on, do you really need to do more, it’s not like this is hard, and anyway, I’m taking the missus to the Gardens of Heligan today and need to shave.

Maybe next time I will pick a more competitive term.

4 thoughts on “What I would do to rank for "london safes"”

  1. heh, nice find. & you are correct about “the professionals being few and far between” in the London Safe market, in 1999 I used to run a large London nightclub, we lost the key to the safe once, and the local safe company locksmith guy, first pretended he couldn’t open it, then opened it while we weren’t in the office, stole 5k from inside, jammed it shut again and left “to get a special tool” – we never saw him again and his company denied that he ever worked for them 🙂

  2. Since we do the humor linkbait angle. We would go for something funny to lock things up in the safe or to prank call the safe competitors.

    But agree with your strategy to keep it simple to get industry links in this case with a simple heavily researched report.

  3. If the phrase is not that competitive then there is not really that much work that would need to be done. As long as the site is built well, is well optimised and has information on there that is relevant and the site has some outgoing links.

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