How not to use Title Tags

I haven’t seen anything like this for a while.

At the time of writing the title tag contained, “London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes London Safes”.

I doubt any experienced seo did this and was probably someone being over enthusiastic. A true black hatter would know this does not work.


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    Obviously you haven’t even scrolled down. It’s keyword stuffed to the hell.
    I guess this site simply is very old.

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    Looks like the Meta Description tag is the same. My guess is that it was somebody who didn’t know the difference between the two (not that the meta description tag should say this either).

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    Yes, nice example of what not to do.
    Though now you have driven traffic to them, haven’t you? :)
    Everyone will naturally follow the link you gave to see the site with thir own eyes… I did :)

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    phrench said that it may just be very old. The document was last edited 02/17/2009 05:05:48

    Not that old. I’d run with incompetence.

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    Check out some of the back links. Nearly all of the sites have equally bad techniques applied. has hundreds of links to oher domains if you scroll down.

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    There’s a link to the SEO company at the bottom of the screen. If anything, it’s even more inspired than their client’s site. There’s a fantastic video with computer generated speech and movement.


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    I had a look at the backlinks from the SEO company and was equally impressed with “Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming Filming”.

    Let’s hope it is just due to a poorly designed CMS and not the SEO company.

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    Who thought that this was a good idea to fill the title and meta description tags with London Safes over and over again. Its just not going to work.

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    That’s a terribly long title tag too. I agree that knowing a bit about SEO helps, but I am also perplexed that not knowing much about SEO seems to sometimes still work! I have two website pages that are found on the first page of Google results, and at the time I hardly knew a thing about SEO and meta keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions, and have a bad description and what I think is too many keywords, yet these pages are doing so well. I’m tempted to properly tag them, but at the same time am scared that by doing so they will no longer rank so well! I find it puzzling indeed how sometimes bad methods actually do a site good, and wish there was really a fixed, workable SEO method that everyone knew about, and never changed, but then of course SEO specialists would have very little work.

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    LOL Andrew is right above – this was clearly an elaborate scheme to gain links/traffic from SEOs pointing out just how bad keyword stuffing gets… 😉

    Incidentally this page is now ranking #4 for “london safes”…

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    Well they aren’t even listed in Google, which I imagined would be the case before i even started to type the doamin in Google.

    Amazing that the cheapest SEO package that they offer is £199- wow!