Short is not simple, it's essential

Should we twitter like we blog and blog like we twitter?

Is brevity needed to cut through the information haze?

If my twitter stream becomes a stream of consciousness, my blog can be more like my twitter stream used to be.

  • I’m shortening my blog posts
  • Reducing the amount of links in my twitter stream
  • Twittering what I think I want to hear
  • Increasing more links in my blog post
  • Sending out as many twitter posts until my thoughts are finished
  • Using the blog to communicate the most useful information in the shortest way possible
  • Ignoring the number of followers I have

Screw those who tell you there is only one way to use twitter, it’s a tool, the way you use it entirely depends on your objectives.

A twitter manifesto? No, it’s way more than that.

3 thoughts on “Short is not simple, it's essential”

  1. I agree with you guys, when i think if twitter it makes me think of the the web as the new globe, in a time where everywhere has been discovered. Adventurers are discovering cyberspace instead. Its one of the few areas where there is still plenty left to discover are create, and you don’t have to be an space traveler or a genius to figure it out, although it does help

  2. I think its not so much about the length but how the material is presented. Blogs need to be in short paragraphs – readable chunks, and white space is critical to readability!

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