Magnetic Web Content Launching May 26th

Yes I know, a lot of people are annoyed. but due to a technical issue Magnetic Web Content will not be launching today, but Tuesday May 26th. For those wondering, it’s not because I am busy finishing watching the box set of the Wire. Putting together these sites throws up a lot of complex issues. But it will be worth the wait, I will be making the initial Newsletter even better and adding a lot more ideas. Hope you find it useful.

Smash a Brick into the face Link building

One of the problems of link building that I rarely see addressed in depth, is the issue of attracting the initial attention of the linker.

I am talking about someone we have no prior relationship with, someone who we need to reach out to.

But my points also apply to our closest link pals. Who are always good for a link or two.

You have crafted a piece of content, spent hours, days even weeks. Maybe thousands of pounds getting it just right?

How much time do you think you have to get the linker to pay attention to your content and consume it.? I put the question out on my twitter feed and the average of 2.7 seconds came back.

2.7 seconds to grab attention online seems about right.

What usually happens, is you are sitting in front of your computer and I’m probably like you have about 15 windows open. Twitter client, email, web stats digg and many other

Even talking about it now I fee I should cut back a little.

The point is, for those of us who work online, there is a huge demand on our attention as soon as we power up our computers

The linker is no different. Works at a computer, has tabbed browsing, multiple windows open.

Everyone seems to suffer from acute distraction disorder.

We have to find a way to burn through this haze of distraction to get out linker to pay attention. How do we solve this problem.


We smash a brick into his face.

A good headline will do this job. A good headline will stop you in your tracks. Engage you and draw you in, blanking out all those distractions to allow you to focus on the one task of “I must read more”.

My favourite headline was introduced to me by a top copywriter called Jon Carlton. The headline is, “Boy Eats Own Head”.

How can you not want to know more.

Headlines do not only exist at the top of the content. They are in the subject text of email,
they are in a twitter post, rss feed, digg headline etc

But the shocking truth is, Websites do not link to websites. I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is this guy talking about. Consider this, people point to the work of other people.

It is people we need to target and not the technical manifestation of a link. It is people for they are those that give the link.

Because of that understanding the way people work is crucial to successful link building.

We have to become students of the human condition, because websites do not link to other websites, people point to other peoples work

The battle for the link takes place in the mind of the linker. Not that the content is unimportant, it is merely a vehicle to allow us plant a suggestion in the mind of the linker.

That suggestion being, “drop a link to these guys”

The sub-conscious will decide if you get the link, thousands of factors will be lined up to tell the consciousness whether or not to link.

Getting people to link, means we have to be aware of and tap into their hopes, fears prejudices, desires, dreams, fears etc. Ultimately, we have to tap into their sub-conscious.

How do we do that?

We have to research the people who we want to get links from.

Fortunately, people are desperate to link to interesting and engaging information. They are hungry for it, all we have to do is show them a piece of content that persuades them to make a drop a link.

Short is not simple, it's essential

Should we twitter like we blog and blog like we twitter?

Is brevity needed to cut through the information haze?

If my twitter stream becomes a stream of consciousness, my blog can be more like my twitter stream used to be.

  • I’m shortening my blog posts
  • Reducing the amount of links in my twitter stream
  • Twittering what I think I want to hear
  • Increasing more links in my blog post
  • Sending out as many twitter posts until my thoughts are finished
  • Using the blog to communicate the most useful information in the shortest way possible
  • Ignoring the number of followers I have

Screw those who tell you there is only one way to use twitter, it’s a tool, the way you use it entirely depends on your objectives.

A twitter manifesto? No, it’s way more than that.

Link Building Brain Cells, Blown at SMX London

I will be speaking at the Search Marketing Expo, in London, May 19th, 2009.

The panel is , “Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques” and I will be sharing it with Patrick Altoft, Rand Fishkin and Pete Wailes.

Most of the presentation is ready to go, but I am going to be using my Twitter account to do a little tinkering, throwing out some ideas and generally using it as a three dimensional scribble pad. Hmmmm, not sure the metaphor works but anyway.

The premise of the presentation is “The linker does not give the link because of the content, the link is given because of what is happening in their mind.”

With that in mind I can see why someone has already called it the Zen and Art of Link Building.

As this is the “Blow your Mind” section I can’t get away with delivering a bunch of old and tatty ideas just so as I can promote myself (who would ever do such a thing at a conference) so I am going to work really hard to come up with advanced stuff that can really up your game. There are some techniques which I have found very useful in the past which I have never shared, SMX seems as good a place to talk about them.

It’s going to be a killer panel as the other guys are all highly regarded experts in their field.

Make sure you grab a ticket and come see the show. If you need to learn how to market online, this is the place to be.