How Many Laptops do you Have?

A lot of people have said that twitter is a great place to get content, feedback, etc.

So, I realised I had too many laptops, I have four and thinking about getting a Macbook. So I aksed on twitter, How many laptops do you have?

I instantly got a bunch of replies which I have posted here.

Luv my Macbook. Go for it.
actually, I didn’t tell you I have 2 laptops. My 1st, a Mac Powerbook, is almost nine years old and still going great.

I had an iBook which is now my fiancĂ©e’s and I now have a MacBookPro (2-3 yrs old). I’m fighting the urge to buy a Netbook though!

A Macbook pro, A Toshiba satellite, An HP and a Dell. So four.

I have two pc laptops and am currently working on my mac. Not a macbook though it a Imac:)

three at present, like you still considering the mac…..

I’m one behind you with 3 – one has been in the copboard for about 7 years however.

I own two macbooks and you will not be let down. you will love it

I haven’t got any.

Macbook PRO, Macbook, Powerbook & an HP.

just 1 new macbook (awesome) and like 4-5 custom PC’s for various uses. with a computer already in every room who needs a laptop?

I have 2 and my wife has 2, but hers are both corporate.

I’ve cut down from 4 laptops to 1. My current unit is a MacBook, and I love it

No, I am not trying to rank for laptops. I am simply illuminating a useful way of using twitter. A way in which I have not really abused used much so far.

If you want to be added to the list, simply tweet at me your laptop numbers. @lyndoman

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