How PR Should Not Build Relationships With Bloggers

Pyjama bloggers

McGrath worked at a PR agency and sent out the usual PR request to bloggers to generate a bit of buzz. One blogger, Borsch, got pissed and sent a not too happy email back. McGrath acted like a decent human being and apologised and asked how he should go about it.

Apparently this is against the PR professionals code.

Mashable writes

After McGrath’s email exchange with Borsch, McGrath’s boss reprimanded him for replying to Borsch and was told not to be transparent with either the client or the blogger. McGrath has since left that firm and does independent social media marketing, yet Borsch and him have remained good friends.

I guess in the old days, before we marketed online, this kind of attitude may of worked. But, things have changed. Those PR companies who don’t move with the times will not be able to offer their clients an effective online PR solution.

Those PR companies who do not speak the language of the online tribe will be crushed under the flip flops of pyjama wearing bloggers.

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7 thoughts on “How PR Should Not Build Relationships With Bloggers”

  1. I know you’ve made it relatively easy for the initiated/those who know online to get in touch via a few, but for those who don’t get it – which does kinda describe those in this post – a simple contact button amongst your rows at the top might help the newbies get to you.

  2. Thanks for quoting my article. 🙂

    I’ve run into this problem myself receiving completely inappropriate pitches specifically from PR firms touted as “social media experts.” I think you’ll be amused by my eye opening tale, my argument on the issue with John C. Dvorak on Cranky Geeks, and then the great follow up story of the PR agency’s client being completely obtuse. All links below, in order. 🙂

  3. @Lyndoman – ah didn’t know it was a new theme (I’m experiencing my own teething problems with a new theme) as I’m a newbie here but will add you to my blogroll and RSS as you have some good points here.

    @David Spark – first sign of someone not being a social media expert is when they say they are experts – the field is too new, too vast and changing too often and quickly for that term to apply (in my opinion).

  4. I think in today’s climate people really appreciate openness, and complication. If you can’t get that right as a PR agency then you really need to do some house keeping. BIG TIME

  5. Thanks for picking up on David Spark’s Mashable post. It’s a shame that there aren’t more resources for people to share best practices, but many in PR are reluctant to share their experience. They are afraid of ruffling feathers or upsetting the status quo.

    In my case, David’s post precipitated a nasty email from my former employer, followed by a reprimand from his attorney. As far as I can tell, no confidences were betrayed and no harm done. All I (and like minded folks) want to accomplish is to share best practices for effective online blogger relations. It really isn’t that hard. After all, we’re all just humans at the end of the day.

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