Analysis of an SEO story going Viral on Twitter

I tweeted, The Future of seo. From one of the UK’s top seo companies,

The following retweeted the story.


The total number of followers these account represents around 21,000 people. Is there going to overlap, as in the same person following twice? Probably. Are everyone of those followers going to be online at that time? Doubtful.

How many of the remaining number actually click through? I cannot calculate, but the webmaster of the targeted website cam. From there they can construct an idea of conversion rate of a retweet.

It remains to be known the value of a story going viral. My definition of a viral is where someone passed a story on that another person had picked up.

This story has obviously a highly focused audience and not likely to leek into the mass market. But not many people need to see it to be a successful post. Sometimes I have found only one person needs to read a post for it to be successful.

We don’t yet know the power of a retweet, but those who have spent their lives steeped in the world of the viral for the past few years know something very interesting is happening.

We can feel the heat, even though we cannot measure the burn effect of the viral.

Building Twitter Real Estate

Which leads me to another aspect. How do you get people to retweet your stuff. Most of the principles of linkbait apply here, you give people the reason to retweet.

Most people don’t get that. I do a lot of training and it’s amazing how such a simple, fundamental aspect of online networking gets overlooked.

Give people a reason to reteet your stuff.

I don’t have time to go into this in more detail, but here’s a clue. The above accounts all retweeted the story. Do you think they are worth following?

Do you think tweeting quality information is going to get you retweeted?

Do you think they will be motivated in any way to tweeting this story?

I know a lot of social media marketers wished I would stop blogging and giving away all the tricks. But I just can’t help it, I love to share 😉

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13 thoughts on “Analysis of an SEO story going Viral on Twitter”

  1. Thanks for sharing, really interesting 🙂 From what I see, people tend to retweet stories for two reasons: 1) they find the story interesting, 2) the person who originally posted the story is some industry authority they follow. OK, reason #3, sometimes people retweet stories cause their friends who posted them bug them 🙂

  2. I’d go with for a url shortening service. Pierre is a great guy and made them 301’s and provides geo-information (where did they click from) and if it was a bot or a person clicking.

    In addition to that. Giving away stuff, even if it’s under 100$ will easily help something go viral on twitter. 🙂

    Well, that depends on what you call “viral” is 10 Rt’s? 100 rt’s? 1,000 clicks? But incentives work. 🙂 @refugedesign

  3. People are naturally curious and will click on links on any topic of interest. Since we’re multi-faceted creatures this amounts to some increased volume in niche markets.

  4. Good stuff here, but you didn’t give anything away about the retweet ability (linkbait) of a tweet.

    It’s more about building a network of followers in the right niche. These followers need to value the content you put out and you need to RT their stuff to get them to RT your stuff.

    you have to be the authority in your subject matter.

    Also: is the best URL shortner with analysis of click troughs.

  5. Hey,
    If you use something like you can actually track how many people click on the URL you post.


    PS: I am not, in any way, a part of the company that makes and I have no financial gain with this post whatsoever. I just like the tool specially because it allows one to track how many people actually click on the links you post on Twitter.

  6. Im really interested by Twitter, im not one hundred percent sure why. I think im feeling the “heat” you referred to, im sure its going to explode in some way, and i want to be on the crest of the wave when it does. Id love to read a more in depth blog about Twitter and viral marketing if you ever have the inclination to write one. Ill keep an eye on your future blogs.

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