Feed your Friends, Starve your Enemies

It’s an ancient tactic and one which works online as much as anywhere else, even more so. When someone links to this blog with content above a certain quality threshold I will Stumble, Sphinn, Delicious that content. I may even Twitter if the content is appropriate. The reason being is to boost the power and […]

Analysis of an SEO story going Viral on Twitter

I tweeted, The Future of seo. From one of the UK’s top seo companies, Freshegg.com The following retweeted the story. Catnboots lloydcooke webaddict mimojito tyno BWelford Bukowsky notifyneal casspa The total number of followers these account represents around 21,000 people. Is there going to overlap, as in the same person following twice? Probably. Are everyone […]

What is Social Media :Part 3

This is an unplanned and off the cuff series I am doing regarding Social Media and its definition, which is still in a state of flux. Part 1 and 2 It’s all about the conversation. Not the product, not the service, and certainly not how wonderful you are. What do you think a good conversation […]

Linkbait Ideas

You might want to check out Magnetic Web Content, for more ideas. These web content ideas were first published in Linkbait Coaching last October. Note: this was around the Olympics, banks were not yet evil, the was strong…etc. Oh how things have changed. What’s rubbish about being British Wired costs $10 a year to […]

How Many Laptops do you Have?

A lot of people have said that twitter is a great place to get content, feedback, etc. So, I realised I had too many laptops, I have four and thinking about getting a Macbook. So I aksed on twitter, How many laptops do you have? I instantly got a bunch of replies which I have […]