What is Social Media? Part 2

Part 1 of What is Social Media is here

There is so much written, blogged, twittered about social media it’s like a thousand overweight elephants trying to get into the Krispy Kreme kiosk at Paddington Station. All at the same time.

So here it is. This is what social media is.

It’s just a bunch of people talking. And that’s it.

That is the essence. Its fundamental nature.

If you don’t get that fact, if that is not the basis of your understanding, then you don’t get social media.

Sure there are lots of forms of social media and we can go into the technical issues and the nuanced ways they are delivered, and the different tribes and culture, blah blah blah. But it’s already been done, ask the elephants munching on their Krispy Kremes

But it does not change the fact that social media is a just a bunch of people talking.

2 thoughts on “What is Social Media? Part 2”

  1. True. I see lots of people confused about it because of all the buzz around the technology. So I tell them: For a second, forget about the technology because social media is about people first…people who talk/share/collaborate using content…and to do that uses different technology. But the core is really people + content. I actually believe that blogs are the base of operations of social media. Blogs is content + me. All other technologies help with the distribution/feedback/decoration of a blog(s).

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