Eva Green Social Media Magic

Eva Green Will See You Now

So says the latest cover of GQ. Personally I prefer Esquire. I can’t imagine ever reading the likes of Nuts and Zoo, but someone must.

Back to GQ, the front cover headlines reads:
Beyond Bond
Eva Green
Will see you now

20 + pages

in the
of Death

How Long Can
Iraq’s Fragile
Peace Endure?

Box Fresh
Why Mad Men
Is The Most
Show on TV

2009’s Hottest Girls – Rebbecca Hall – Odette Yustman – Isla Fisher

There we have it, all the headlines on the front page.

They reflect the culture and interests of the targeted reader. The headlines are aspirational, the subtext being, “buy this and announce that you want an Eva Green type as your girlfriend”.

Sophisticated sexuality for the man who never has to try too hard.

Before we go any further, are you thinking of how to create headlines with similar effectiveness, I hope so.

GQ is for the metrosexual, and so includes 20 pages of fashion tips to help men become more pretty. It’s interesting as it’s hard to read these headlines whilst being completely objective, which we must be for the sake of good analysis. But these headlines are crafted to be emotional, to make it impossible not to have an opinion.

The “Iraq”, headline for example, the wording is framed to present a specific viewpoint, even though it’s in a question. It presumes the Iraqi peace is fragile or at least the reader believes it to be and that’s the point. Those with similar opinions are attracted to the magazine by association.

By making it into a question it allows those of differing views to join into the discussion, or to be part of the conversation.

As we well know, social media is all about the conversation.

There is that awful phrase, “conversation marketing”. It’s nothing new, my Grandmother’s butcher used to use it when she popped in for half a pound of scrag end.

But lets keep it on social media.

Don’t sell the product, start the conversation.

Easy for me, as I love to talk, often too much.

Here is the point of this post for those who have yet to get it.

Popular magazines are masters at starting the conversation.

Think of these headlines as Twitter posts, or headlines on digg. Some work, some do not. But, look at your social media efforts and consider creating more conversation starters than mere announcements.

You never know, you may end up with Eva Green.

What is Social Media? Part 2

Part 1 of What is Social Media is here

There is so much written, blogged, twittered about social media it’s like a thousand overweight elephants trying to get into the Krispy Kreme kiosk at Paddington Station. All at the same time.

So here it is. This is what social media is.

It’s just a bunch of people talking. And that’s it.

That is the essence. Its fundamental nature.

If you don’t get that fact, if that is not the basis of your understanding, then you don’t get social media.

Sure there are lots of forms of social media and we can go into the technical issues and the nuanced ways they are delivered, and the different tribes and culture, blah blah blah. But it’s already been done, ask the elephants munching on their Krispy Kremes

But it does not change the fact that social media is a just a bunch of people talking.

Ryan Air and How Not to do Reputation Management

You may have heard what Ryan Air, the no frills budget airline have been saying about bloggers lately. If not you can get up to speed here and here

I wont overlap as the information is already at those sites, but look at what the Times had on their website.

Ryanair has confirmed that one its staff abused a blogger who questionned the airline site’s credentials.

But far from apologising for the volley of abuse, Ryanair today dismissed bloggers as “lunatics” and “idiots.”

My first thoughts are, who does their SEO and who does their reputation management? I hope it’s not a pal. But by the sounds of things, they don’t seem to rate Online very highly. They have a strong enough brand to get a lot of business over the phone and as we know, any publicity is good publicity. Maybe they think they don’t need it.

But this stuff is now going to show up in Google when you search for “Ryan Air”, what makes it crazy is that is was so easy not to happen in the first place.

Who does the seo for Ryan Air? I would love to hear what they really think of the client. I wonder if they are sobbing into their alt tags this very moment.

Actually I just did a search for, “Who does the seo for Ryan Air”, and a post from David Naylor came up, lol, Ryanair gets bad Twitter press

By the way, if any airline would like to hire a social media marketer, gimme a call. 😉

563,456 Top Twitter Tools Reviewed

Have you noticed there is a fashion to blog about twitter tools these days, but instead of including 3 or 4, you have to wade through 50 or 60. Most in a list fashion with no real indicator of the usefulness of the tool.

You would have more chance getting links to the post if you demonstrated your use and knowledge of these tools, perhaps giving a score out of ten.

I realise when a new tool hits town ( although some of us have been using it for over a year ) it’s common for a bunch of duplicate posts to come to the fore. But it’s getting a little ridiculous.

And don’t get me started about all these Twitter “experts” who seem to have cropped up like mildew on a cold wet wall.

All I say to that is, “don’t ask a fat man for dieting tips”.

And if you have just joined Twitter, don’t call yourself a Social Media Expert”. You are more likely to be seen as a twat, than a twit.