SES London 2009

I’m covering SES London 2009 this year.

It’s at the Islington Business Design Centre, London. Feb 17 -20

My intention is to interview interesting people and get them to say interesting things. I will use my trusty mp3 recorder and microphone to squeeze juicy comments out of attendees.

Mostly I am interested in the theme of how social media marketing is changing the online marketing world.

So, if you are going, let me know. I should be in the usual watering holes and always up for a chat.

How to Get More Followers on Twitter

Easy, get a mention in the Sunday Times.

Just like Nikki Pilkington did.

  • People get to know you exist.
  • People think you know what you are talking about
  • People talk about you
  • People link to you
  • People pass around your Twitter profile

Just like I did with this post.

You can find Nikki Pilkington here and on Twitter here.

I used her name as anchor text to link to the Times article so when people search for her they will find the article. She probably already ranks for her name so doesn’t need the juice.

btw, you can follow me here

SMX impressions, thoughts and future drug use

It’s a few days after London SMX 08 and I think my brain and central nervous system have just about calmed down. This was my second conference and the first I presented at. I wasn’t able to go to a lot of the sessions on the first day as the cycles in my brain were being used up thinking about my presentation, and of course I had to rewrite the whole damn thing.

I even had to write it out in longhand as the smart-arse bloke on the registration desk printed it out in teeny text and then told me not to be too funny, cheers mate, very helpful.

It’s interesting though, writing it out in longhand whilst listening to Obama storm to victory, really helped drip the narrative into my brain. And as the presentation was on using psychological techniques to seduce links, it felt right.

The second day was crazy too. I managed to deliver my presentation without tripping up on the way to the podium (my baseline for success) and was able to enjoy the rest of the guys presenting, Tom Critchlow, Jay Young and Wiep Knol.

Between the 4 of us I think we have been responsible for quite a few links, and the party is just getting started.

Here is the main thing I took from the conference.

Content for humans is more important than ever. Exceptional content is vital to getting links. But here’s the thing I come across all the time. Journalists and corporate copywriters, those trained in a traditional, conventional way do not seem to get it. I talk to a lot of seos’ about their content creation and they all bemoan their staff and their lack of fire in their belly and in their text.

I suppose when you clock in and clock out it doesn’t become passionate and vital. Also, a lot of the conventional education for writers these days goes against what works when using content to build links.

There is a formula for creating content for links and it’s easy to learn. But it’s hard for writers to unlearn what doesn’t work. You also have to take into account that writers are a pretty much, messed up in the head bunch, at least the good ones are.

Excellent linkbait, fantastic copy which causes mouthfuls of coffee to be sprayed over a 22 inch, Samsung monitor is very, very hard to do. Which is why people who can write like the devil on a wet and wild weekend can charge a premium rate.

SMX London has made me think about content in a new way, and I think there is a demand for a service on a number of price points which can delver.

SMX Conference regrets.

Didn’t get a chance to chat to Dave Naylor, I really wanted to but it was a whirlwind. Didn’t chat more to a number of my people, it would have been great to have sat down with them for a day or two and knock around ideas.

I also got to meet the delightful Christine Churchill, the well read Julie Joyce, the chocolate loving Judith de Cabbit and cheeky Northern bloke, Patrick Altoft.

Plus a load of other people I feel guilty about not including in this post, but the kettles about ready.

Note: this post was written a few days after SMX London 2008, and yes it’s late. It’s been lurking in my Wordress Drafts file with 200 other unpublished posts. The reason is I have been insanely busy, mostly with setting up offices and taking on rather large clients who share my Holistic view of social media marketing and seo. But that’s for another post.

Twitter Follower Recommendation

I read this post and really liked it and liked the thinking of the blogger.

It’s not an easy read, it wont help you get rich quick, those with ADD will have a problem finishing it. He’s not a friend, he’s not a client, I don’t owe him money, we didn’t meet at a conference and promise to bigg each other up.

It’s simply that intelligent writing and thinking should be shouted about.

So much mediocrity and outright dross fills my notebook screen far more than I would like. Twitter is absolutely terrifying for its production of the most banal and boring words ever put on screen. And if you are thinking, “is he talking about me?” then I probably am.

So, when someone writes good stuff worth reading, it stands out. It really stands out.

Follow the guy on Twitter here

Follow me on twitter here, but not if you want fluffy words all coated in syrup, simply designed to boost my Twitter followers.

An interesting follow up to the post from Rory Brown