Do I really Need to Hire a Social Media Consultant?

Yes you do.

A successful social-media campaign integrates social media into the many elements of marketing, including advertising, digital and PR. Opinion and theory are no match for experience and the best social media marketers now have more than 10 years of experience incorporating interactivity, blogs, forums, user-generated content and contests into online marketing.


I’ve been involved in social media for about ten years now and what I find obvious, natural and easy, others find impossible to grasp.

Sure you can read a bunch of books and blogs and learn the knowledge, but that only goes some way to delivering the goodies. There are other people out there who know and live in the space of social media. It is a complex and nuanced place and takes a lot of real time experience to develop the ability.

I wouldn’t say it’s an art, it just takes time and incredible amounts of grit to keep working at it.

Those of us who have been doing it for years have a head start.

Over the years technology has improved, making a few things easier, but there is not technological solution for experience and real life knowledge.

And if you were thinking that this blog post was all about trying to persuade you to hire me and others like me, you are absolutely right.

SES London 2010

Just looked in my calender and noticed SES London 2010 is coming up next Feb. And they seem to be shipping the Yanks over again.

Not sure if I will be going to this one, the last one had way too many Americans presenting and not enough Brits. I remember one keynote which was 100% American, which seemed to say the British have not enough search engine optimised talent locally to get on the stage and compete with the likes of Jill Whalen. Now I don’t have a problem if it’s SES New York or SES Chicago. But this is SES London.

So to the organisers of SES, show a little more respect for the local talent and if you expect British seo bloggers to be covering the show why not have some of the incredible British seo talent on the stage and stop paying for Americans to be shipped over.

If the organisers don’t know of any British or European people to present and panel at the conference I will be happy to give them a list of some of the best in the business.

It will reduce your carbon footprint too 😉

Disclaimer: I have more US friends than UK friends and some of my family are American and was named after an American and blah blah blah, yada yada yada, so not anti American in any way. But see SES London as a British and not American event.

A4U Expo London – What can a Linkbaiter teach Affiliate Marketers

On Monday I’m off to London to attend an affiliate conference called, A4u Expo. I’m speaking on the Killer Link Building Strategies panel along with Patrick Altoft Jon Myers and Christoph Cemper.

I think there are still tickets available, but going fast. You can get a 10% discount if you use this code SPKD10.

If you can’t get to the conference, make sure you get to the networking parties, which can be just as rewarding. If you do go would love to meet and say hi, if you are reading my blog you must be a cool dude 😉 Best way to connect is to @ me on twitter. My account is Lyndoman Or you can email me lyndon at

Really looking forward to this one. SMX and SES are great but at the end of the day they are American and I remember last years SES sitting in one of the panels listening to 5 Americans telling me how I should rank. Surely we have enough talent in this country not to have to rack up the extra carbon shipping the Yanks over?

In fact, come to think of it. Why don’t we have a major UK based seo conference each year? It’s not like we don’t have the talent. Maybe I will put one in Cornwall, have it on the beach and have a sand castle building contest.