Getting Links is like Getting Your Flatmates to go Down the Shops for a Packet of Hobnobs

Hobnob seo
Have you ever shared a house or a flat with someone? You are all sitting around the telly watching repeats of Coast and you ask one of your flat mates to nip down the shops and buy a packet of Hobnobs.

There is as much chance of your slovenly flat mate putting on his shoes and coat and heading off to Lidl than there is as getting someone to link to you.

The point I am making is that useful links are extremely difficult to get, if you give it no thought.

If on the other hand you said, “I have a couple of friends coming over, one of them is that girl you really fancy and by the way did I mention that she loves Hobnobs, do we have any in the cupboard?”

The chance of the slobby flatmate heading off to Lidl increases exponentially.

Rather than ask for a link, make it serve the linkers self interest to link.

Make it your goal to know what the linker is interested in, what gets their juices flowing. What makes their linking finger itch?

What reason does this linkbait give for people to link to it

An interesting nugget from the forums of

“What reason does this linkbait give for people to link to it.”

Too often I see visitor bait being created. So you got on the front page of digg, give yourself a gold medal and stick it on your ass.

Who are you targeting your linkbait to? If it’s the knuckle draggers on digg it’s not linkbait, it’s a wet fart in a hurricane.

C’mon on guys, it’s real simple. Linkbait is for getting links.

Who are you targetting? If you say “anyone”, get to the back of the queue and stay there. You need to know exactly who you are targetting, you need to know what they read, what gets their juices flowing, even the size of their underpants if it helps you craft content to appeal to their link finger.

Try linkbaiting one person, go on, try it. Chose an authority figure in the niche you operate and go after their link. That one authority link is worth more than ten thousand diggs (yes I know diggs lead to links, but only if the content is good enough)

Targetting one person makes it a lot easier to craft linkbait as it can tickle their fancy a lot easier. Once they link to you, others will follow.

Concentrate on getting the link, not the visit.

Fresh Linkbaiters Delivered to your Door Daily

I try really hard to say no to any client linkbait requests these days, I do the odd one here and there. But I am so busy with other projects it’s difficult to give a client the time needed.

I now have a solution. If you need some great linkbait work done, get yourself over to and sign up (as of now there are 12 spots left), not to learn how to do linkbait, but to get access to talented people I am training to become expert linkbaiters.

Lets not muck about here, I’m expensive. $4,000 for a piece of content to grab you a bunch of links and $300 an hour minimum ten hours for consultation work. For some webmasters that’s a huge chunk of change. But find an up and coming linkbaiter and you could be paying a lot less, plus you probably find it easier to get their attention.

With more and more people selling linkbaiting services, It’s hard to find out who is good and who is simply good at selling themselves and their own stuff.

By being in a training environment you get to see what people are actually producing and the successes they have, you get a more transparent view of what they are about. Sure it’s a bit raw and maybe a bit messy, it’s a training camp, it’s the engine room, it’s a place where all the bullshit is left at the door. You get to see it how it actually is.

You get to see how an idea goes from just a thought to a front page digg, a hot Stumbleupon, a raging reddit, thousands of page views, generating hundreds of links.

Some of the guys are hot, they “get it”, you can see it yourself I don’t need to sell them, my advice is to grab them before they become big shots and don’t have the time to return your calls. Build a relationship with them now and it may pay off later.

I coach these guys, it’s my job to turn them into expert linkbaiters capable of producing content which attracts so many links that Google has to get Matt Cutts to talk about them at an SEO conference to play down their abilities.

Yeah I know, it’s more competition for me. But I love to teach and I love being a part of what these kick ass, talented guys are doing.

You want a piece of the action? Head over to and get your credit card out. And if you hesitate and miss one of those 12 spots which are left, please don’t moan you missed out.

It’s very undignified.

Even the Guardian Gets Linkbait

The Guardian has run a piece talking about linkbait as if it were an everyday thing. Has linkbait gone mainstream?

Jack Schofield knows his linkbait, the piece he has referenced is a cracking piece, although as I speak it has not been submitted to digg or reddit or Stumble, what’s with that? Are they awake in celebrity scandal blog world.

Still, they got a link from the Guardian. Jack, what do I have to do to get a link from you?

Good find Jack.

ps. I took the bait and dugg it.