Only Bad SEOs Work In-house?

Since I announced I was going to help other SEO professionals get work at seo agencies and as in-house seo’s it’s been a crazy 24 hours. After making the SEO Job post and twitter I have been amazed at the response. We’ve been swamped by quite a few CV’s from some very talented people who are woefully underpaid. It may be a while before we can reply to everyone.

A number of people have told me that the best SEO’s are those who are self employed and that in-house guys are just trained monkies. It’s simply not the case as not everyone wants the stress, pressure and lack of security being your own boss brings.

Some people want to be able to leave the work at the office and simply have a good time and get paid a heck of a lot of money for what they do with no worries about where the next client will come from.

Personally, it’s not for me. Not that anyone would ever employ me anyway and I love the high-wire act of working for yourself. But simply because you do seo in-house does not mean you are any less talented.

And there is no reason why you shouldn’t be well paid if you are hot stuff.


So how do you get a job in the SEO space?

Do you speak to one of the “digital services” recruitment agencies? Digital services? I hate the term digital services, it’s SEO or SEM or even online marketing.

The limited experience of recruitment agencies has been all bad. Most of the time I feel like I am speaking to a crack addict or someone who swallows coffee beans raw to get that instant caffeine injection. My biggest problem is trust, why is this person the other side of the ergonomically designed desk acting as if they are my best friend and wants more than anything to do me a favour.

Recruiters get paid a lot of money to place people so it’s no surprise they are aggressive. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just leaves me drained.

I am sure there are great seo recruiters out there, if you know any great. But what strikes me is that the best person to place an search engine optimiser in a position is another seo. Who else is going to know what’s needed and understand what an seo really wants. And it’s not always cash, although it mostly is.

So here’s the deal. Me and enterprise level seo and Wordtracker guy, Mark Nunney are offering an SEO Recruitment service. To be honest, I want it to be skewed towards the SEO professional than the corporate client. I feel that optimisers are undervalued in the market place and do not fully understand their value. I think that if you are an expert, then it’s a case of the corporate client making their pitch and competing against others to employ you. Which is how it should be right?

Listen up, there is a shortage of skilled professionals out there. As an SEO you want to get the best deal possible, and lets face it, it’s not always about money.

Send in your CV and requirements to and we can get you sorted. We know what you need beause we do what you do.

ps. I will be setting up an SEO Job blog so we can keep this blog doing what it does best.

pps. First job a client wants filled is here if you think you have the cahonas for it drop my a line. It’s next door to Ebay, which I think is kinda cool.

Coffee Shop Marketing Thinking

creative content

Creating conversation can be more linkable than pure content.

For example, if you were to talk about cryntel roma stone it would be tricky to have that conversation outside of the floor tiling niche as not everyone is aware of it. But sticking with subjects that most people are aware of and you can develop quite a good conversation.

Starting an exchange of ideas within your niche can be more illuminating than simply publishing what you think, although to start the conversation you may have to publish what you think. The quality of the conversation will in someway reflect your understanding of the industry, whatever it is. By enabling a conversation about something that is on the minds of those in the niche you can create something more linkable than if you simply posted your own content.

My point is, seed a conversation, own it, learn from it and benefit from it.

Note: The coffee shop marketing bit is because I wrote the idea in a coffee shop and thought it fun to scan the note. Funny thing is, I now get traffic for “coffee shop marketing”. 21st Feb

Your Blog Should Be Kept in a Sterile Enviroment

I rarely beg for social media votes on this blog. The reason is not because begging for social media votes is beneath me, far from it. But I want what I publish here to live and die on its merits. That way I can then see what the market loves and what it hates.

By knowing what people like I can deliver more of the same. I can find out what works and what does not, but if I started to go out and market the blog posts amongst my contacts the data would be made murky.

Most of the time, when I sweat over a post which I think showcases my huge talent, it bombs. But when I knock out something quick and dirty, something I think no one will take serious. It goes mental. Well that’s not entirely true, but the market constantly surprises me and I like to have the fresh data.

For example, I have tried different styles of headlines and it’s mostly the shorter, resourceful headlines which work, rather than the wordy, trying too hard to be clever headlines.

Always be testing.

Lloyds Bank is Pants

Great piece of linkbait from the BBC. Why?

It’s great because it got me to link, it got me to link because it both amused and made me angry. At first I thought such silly thinking by a bank should be publicised and I should post about it. But then I realised I had been motivated to link to the story. It’s distracting to call it baiting as in linkbaiting, but the story made my link finger itch.

I realise I could chose a better headline than this, but I wonder how many people search for “Lloyds bank is pants”? I guess I will find out.

The point is, invoking an emotional response is a powerful way to get a link. The story is helped by being on the BBC rather than a rag like the Daily Mail.

Actually I can’t really call it linkbait, it’s merely a great story.