What is social media?


It is a form of communication.

It’s important to think of it in such fundemental, simple terms. Because, when we do this, new ideas and thoughts emerge.

So when a client tells me, “why should I use social media?”. My answer is, “why should you communicate?”

Why communicate?

It’s a question a lot of people and businesses seem to forget in the rush to blog-twitter-digg-facebook-bebo etc.

Lets take it a bit further.

  • What do you want to communicate?
  • Who do you want to communicate to?
  • Is your communication time sensitive?
  • What defines your communication as success?

These are the questions you should be asking before you even think about social media.

For example, is a front page digg really the best thing to add to your online marketing mix right now?

When you address things from a more theoretical aspect, alternative opportunities arise.