So how do you get a job in the SEO space?

Do you speak to one of the “digital services” recruitment agencies? Digital services? I hate the term digital services, it’s SEO or SEM or even online marketing.

The limited experience of recruitment agencies has been all bad. Most of the time I feel like I am speaking to a crack addict or someone who swallows coffee beans raw to get that instant caffeine injection. My biggest problem is trust, why is this person the other side of the ergonomically designed desk acting as if they are my best friend and wants more than anything to do me a favour.

Recruiters get paid a lot of money to place people so it’s no surprise they are aggressive. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it just leaves me drained.

I am sure there are great seo recruiters out there, if you know any great. But what strikes me is that the best person to place an search engine optimiser in a position is another seo. Who else is going to know what’s needed and understand what an seo really wants. And it’s not always cash, although it mostly is.

So here’s the deal. Me and enterprise level seo and Wordtracker guy, Mark Nunney are offering an SEO Recruitment service. To be honest, I want it to be skewed towards the SEO professional than the corporate client. I feel that optimisers are undervalued in the market place and do not fully understand their value. I think that if you are an expert, then it’s a case of the corporate client making their pitch and competing against others to employ you. Which is how it should be right?

Listen up, there is a shortage of skilled professionals out there. As an SEO you want to get the best deal possible, and lets face it, it’s not always about money.

Send in your CV and requirements to and we can get you sorted. We know what you need beause we do what you do.

ps. I will be setting up an SEO Job blog so we can keep this blog doing what it does best.

pps. First job a client wants filled is here if you think you have the cahonas for it drop my a line. It’s next door to Ebay, which I think is kinda cool.

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  1. At present it’s UK only, we don’t plan covering the US, but any US seo wants to come and work in the UK we can work something out. A lot of corporate clients are willing to employ Americans and pay relocation packages.

    As long as you are the right person for the job there is usually a way things can be worked out.

  2. Argh not strictly an SEO job as in original post (looked at the ‘here’ link) – more SEM (ppc / affiliate etc)

    Natural SEO Jobs – start advertising those..

  3. @nick, this is true. The job has many facets and requires someone with an excellent understanding of a number of aspects of search marketing.

    However, the post was not simply to advertise one particular job but to announce that myself and Mark Nunney the Wordtracker Guy are going to be helping SEO professionals get kick ass work. Now I know that PPC and SEO are not the same, but a lot of positions have a bit of one and a lot of the other. A lot of the time there is going to be overlap.

    But pure 100% natural, fresh out of the box SEO jobs, we are absolutely going to grab some of that action.

    I am astounded at the response we have already got. We have been inundated with CV’s and enquires, it looks like there are a a lot of experienced people out there looking for something juicy.

    Best thing to do is contact us, send us your CV or linkedin page and we can work on matching you up with something interesting. Don’t post publicly else you will be hammered by a bunch of recruiters in between them sucking on their crack pipe.

    I am really excited about what we are doing, look forward to getting you that killer, natural seo job Nick.

  4. Yeah this is a great idea. Nice work taking on the recruitment agencies! I’ve just recently got an SEO job… Some of the recruitment agencies I had contact with were oblivious to what online marketing really is about.

  5. Any jobs in Dublin? 🙂

    The problem in hiring a SEO person is that SEO is relatively ‘new’ skill. Not many people know SEO well. Especially not well enough to be able to make an educated decision what SEO job hunter is better.

    Put it this way: If you are not a Doctor yourself, would you have guts in hiring Doctors who send their CVs with job boards? And let them operate you?

    This is exactly what happens with SEO. People who know very little about SEO, are asking recruitment agencies who know very little about SEO to come up with the best SEO candidate?

  6. In response to Ivan’s comment: “The problem in hiring a SEO person is that SEO is relatively ‘new’ skill. Not many people know SEO well.”

    …the proof is in the pudding. If I am ignorant as hell to what SEO execs / consultants do, I think you can still get a feel of their knowledge and confidence in the field. But saying that, I would be reluctant to work for someone who had not had the foresight to think “hey, I’m reading hiring an SEO guy, I should really learn what they do”. You would at least hope they had researched the bare minimum, or am I being over optimistic!

    The best SEO candidate? I would also ask if they are the best employer too…

  7. There are immense opportunity in the world in seo. The online marketing is just heading towards to create a new history in terms of promotion of the companies of the products or the person himself.

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