Coffee Shop Marketing Thinking

creative content

Creating conversation can be more linkable than pure content.

For example, if you were to talk about cryntel roma stone it would be tricky to have that conversation outside of the floor tiling niche as not everyone is aware of it. But sticking with subjects that most people are aware of and you can develop quite a good conversation.

Starting an exchange of ideas within your niche can be more illuminating than simply publishing what you think, although to start the conversation you may have to publish what you think. The quality of the conversation will in someway reflect your understanding of the industry, whatever it is. By enabling a conversation about something that is on the minds of those in the niche you can create something more linkable than if you simply posted your own content.

My point is, seed a conversation, own it, learn from it and benefit from it.

Note: The coffee shop marketing bit is because I wrote the idea in a coffee shop and thought it fun to scan the note. Funny thing is, I now get traffic for “coffee shop marketing”. 21st Feb