Keeping up with seo blogging

To me, blogging has been a means to an ends. Get clients, establish the brand, wind a few people up. The problem is of course when you get the clients you no longer have the time to blog.

But, I think you still should.

It keeps the mind focused, it keeps the creative gene fed with blood and oxygen, it enables you to start conversations on topics you are interested in. Problem is, if you are late for a client, which I am 80% of the time (have difficulty letting go of the work, just one more tweak) then they may get pissed at what they see as you goofing off on your blog. When in fact it actually helps get the juices flowing and helps you serve the client better.

I don’t have any clients right now (kinda trying to avoid them but they are like crack), but I do have potential clients waiting on proposals and I hate writing proposals. I know to some people it’s easy to organise thoughts into some semblance or crisp organised freshness.

Someone once told me when dealing with corporate clients, “stick in a load of pie charts in lots of colours, they love that shit.” I don’t think I have ever done the pie chart porn thing, so I don’t know, but it would be fun to try out.

Also a number of people have been moaning at me to blog again and I must admit, it is partly laziness.

And of course it does help that I have a new project on the go, placing seo professionals in gainful employment. It’s really a lot of fun and what’s surprising is learning about the different seo jobs out there. There is something for everyone. Although I do get annoyed when I hear of exeperienced seo’s getting underpaid. A lot of people find it difficult to understand how much their knowledge is worth. So if you are underpaying, don’t expect me not to blog about it.

So, expect me popping up in your feed reader a lot more lately and shaking things up. Yeah baby!

13 thoughts on “Keeping up with seo blogging”

  1. I’m attempting a crazy bad-ass come back. Just let me know how to fully handle and market two sites at once (and all the others that are non-blogs), when working a full-time job πŸ˜‰

  2. Ah, good to hear πŸ™‚

    I find blogging a bit addictive, too. Also, keeping up to date with the industry is like a neverending source of marshmallows. When I am unhooked, I feel like a fish out of the pond.

  3. Yeah, I’ve said more than once that even if no one ever read my stuff, it was worth it just to be able to get a better grip on what it is that I’m doing and thinking.

  4. I’ve just started a blog up because I really wanted to contribute to the SEO/online marketing space. I have never found the time between working, commuting, home stuff, working on my own website projects, it’s really hard!

    But I’ve vowed to try and blog once a day!

  5. Interesting read – always nice to be reminded of the things we should already know, but just don’t really do as we should. lol Thanks for reminding me… right, off to do a blog πŸ˜‰ lol

  6. I feel a bit like that. If clients are waiting for me to do finish a task and they see me writing blog posts but their own project hasn’t made any perceived progress then it looks kinds bad. No-one has ever said anything like that to me, but it is there in the back of my head.

  7. Β“stick in a load of pie charts in lots of colours, they love that shit.Β”

    That totally made me lol xD

  8. Isn’t branding the main reason for non-personal blogs? It seems that nowadays you need a blog just as much as you need a business card so that your company (at least in the webby world) would look serious. It doesn’t matter if nobody really reads it, it matters that you’ve created a lot of “content” and “content is king” πŸ˜‰

  9. I burnt out on blogging myself last year and this year my time’s been taken up with SEO projects… but I missed the blogosphere so decided a couple of weeks ago to get in and blog again.

    One way I found to blog is to PLAN content and releases. If you write 5 great quality blogs and then blog on other events as they happen you won’t find it too hard an activity.

    I’d rather not blog if I feel I really at that time have nothing important to say.

  10. If you have a blog, then I would say it is important to keep your blog up to date, either with the latest goings on in your industry or what is going on in your company. It is hard finding time to blog when you have got a lot on, but I would always try and write at least one blog every week so if you have readers that regular visit your site they will have something new to read and comment about.

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