Your Blog Should Be Kept in a Sterile Enviroment

I rarely beg for social media votes on this blog. The reason is not because begging for social media votes is beneath me, far from it. But I want what I publish here to live and die on its merits. That way I can then see what the market loves and what it hates.

By knowing what people like I can deliver more of the same. I can find out what works and what does not, but if I started to go out and market the blog posts amongst my contacts the data would be made murky.

Most of the time, when I sweat over a post which I think showcases my huge talent, it bombs. But when I knock out something quick and dirty, something I think no one will take serious. It goes mental. Well that’s not entirely true, but the market constantly surprises me and I like to have the fresh data.

For example, I have tried different styles of headlines and it’s mostly the shorter, resourceful headlines which work, rather than the wordy, trying too hard to be clever headlines.

Always be testing.

4 thoughts on “Your Blog Should Be Kept in a Sterile Enviroment”

  1. I am sorry, Lyndon, but what do you do, when you have a new blog with only a few posts? Still wait for visitors? Build and they will come?

    I don’t think not promoting the posts will work. Heck, why do you need to submit your content to social sites anyway, then?

    On the other hand, if your blog doesn’t need promotion (i.e., you don’t make money from it), then sure, promoting it other than for ego reasons probably won’t help you identify what you are doing right or wrong.

  2. The title is misleading. My fault. What I mean is some bog posts should be used to measure progress and by keeping the data as unadulterated as possible it is more accurate.

  3. Ah, then it is another matter, of course.

    I myself only promote the stories that are created with this goal in mind and keep others for content/long tail, unless I mention them somewhere in a conversation. Might not be a sterile case, but awfully natural, anyway.

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