Lloyds Bank is Pants

Great piece of linkbait from the BBC. Why?

It’s great because it got me to link, it got me to link because it both amused and made me angry. At first I thought such silly thinking by a bank should be publicised and I should post about it. But then I realised I had been motivated to link to the story. It’s distracting to call it baiting as in linkbaiting, but the story made my link finger itch.

I realise I could chose a better headline than this, but I wonder how many people search for “Lloyds bank is pants”? I guess I will find out.

The point is, invoking an emotional response is a powerful way to get a link. The story is helped by being on the BBC rather than a rag like the Daily Mail.

Actually I can’t really call it linkbait, it’s merely a great story.

2 thoughts on “Lloyds Bank is Pants”

  1. What’s the difference between a great story that goes viral or a piece of purposefully crafted linkbait?

    How do you define that?

  2. Short answer, intent.

    Linkbait is intended to go viral, it is why it exists. A story is simply a story, of the thousands produced every day some are going to contain elements of a viral nature.

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