Even the Guardian Gets Linkbait

The Guardian has run a piece talking about linkbait as if it were an everyday thing. Has linkbait gone mainstream?

Jack Schofield knows his linkbait, the piece he has referenced is a cracking piece, although as I speak it has not been submitted to digg or reddit or Stumble, what’s with that? Are they awake in celebrity scandal blog world.

Still, they got a link from the Guardian. Jack, what do I have to do to get a link from you?

Good find Jack.

ps. I took the bait and dugg it.

1 thought on “Even the Guardian Gets Linkbait”

  1. Ha! The Guardian called me out the other day in an article about the site I did for my girlfriend’s Ed Fringe show. For one, I’d bought a couple of blog posts to get some inbound links and get indexed, and another, we were offering freebies to people who came to see the show.

    Anyway, they linked to us, so that was nice of them.

    All publicity is good publicity, right? Unless Matt Cutts sees it 😉

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