Ed Dale Mankini

This is an seo test, nothing to get that excited about, unless you find seo tests exciting.

Ed Dale Mankini , is a search term that is being tested by Ed Dale and his gang over at 30 Day Challenge. (note: not quite accurate, see comments)

What’s interesting is they are targeting a lot of web 2.0 properties and highlighting those who rank non-competitive search terms. Thing is, it works and it works fast.

It is what it is and for quick, smash and grab marketing it’s very successful. As part of a long term strategy I can see techniques like this can get you off the ground and running very quickly and can give you a valuable insight into how the google indexing machine is working these days.

Also, it could be very useful in going after those narrow, non-competitive niches, although ask yourself, why are they non-competitive? Could it be that there is little money in it.

Like most techniques, this form on “keyword grabbing” is going to work for those who use it in ways no on else is thinking about. Those who take the tips and tricks and transpose it into their online marketing strategy are going to be ahead in the game, whilst those who are simply copying the technique will be still on the starting blocks.

How easy is it for google to stomp on this? Probably not that easy, as the algo would have to be tweaked in how it favoured such sites also the speed of indexing may have to be tweaked. But, what google is getting out of it is far more than what is damaging it. So I think the technique will be good for a while. Most of use have been using it for years anyway.

Saying all that, if you want to play the long game, at your core has to be information that people will climb over each other to read. No linkbait or widgetbait or keyword grabbing from web 2.0 properties is ever going to beat that, but they should be part of the mix. How much of the mix is down to you. Relying on one technique too much will force your head above the parapet for Matt Cutts to take his best golf swing at your head.

Also, such tricksy action can attract the ire of the blogosphere, as Maki bemoaned here, read the comments and you will notice Ed Dale putting his case forward in defense.

Sure, I don’t want the serps filled with low rent crap, but from a professional point of view we need to experiment, to test, to push things a little hard. And if we have to go the Ed Dale Mankini route then so be it.

6 thoughts on “Ed Dale Mankini”

  1. @Caroline, for your pleasure I may add it later.

    But, I didn’t want to be cutting and pasting a pic of Ed Dale in a Mankini, bits and bobs and all, whilst eating last nights Chinese food for breakfast.

  2. Small error in this article. Ed Dale has nothing really to do with the Ed Dale Mankini SEO testing (apart from being the butt of our mucking around).

    This has basically been a bit of fun between several people, a bit of sparring and learning and that is all. Please don’t try to turn it into any conspiracy or link it to anything other than fun.

  3. @Allison, I don’t know the details or history of how the phrase came about so forgive inaccuracies. I read it first when Ed Wrote about it on Stompernet and then read Dan Raine talked about the technique, referring to the phrase. Looks like I got the origination of the phrase wrong.

    My interest is not in any perceived conspiracy or to ruin anyones fun, I have taken the phrase and am conducting my own experiment, as it’s something interesting from a professional seo point of view.

    I linked to the Maki post as it is relevant discourse for this subject and brought in another view.

    I personally don’t take a view as to the rights and wrongs of such techniques.

  4. Hey, it’s easier to find the thirty days challange just by typing Ed Dale…and shortet to type 🙂

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