Content Content Content – Why it gets me Excited

Do you groan when you read, “Did you know that content is king?”. I do. But only because it’s an old phrase that has be over-used and misused countless times.

More and more this year I’m thinking it’s the year of content. Last year was the year of Linkbait. But, lets face it, linkbait is content. A “ten cups of Colombian coffee an hour”, kinda content, but content never the less.

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500 Keywords

I love keywords. Hell, I love words. So looking through a list of keywords is also entertaining, and as words are also my business I can claim I am being productive. Here are 500 words culled from Google Analytics, words and phrases and symbols which have been used to bring the stuff I create in front of peoples eyeballs. Kinda cool when you think about it.

I don’t waste much, if any time trying to get google traffic to this blog. I no little use for this data except for entertinment purposes, about it is interesting to observe how people search.

I will link to anyone who also posts their keywords, kinda like a mini-meme. That’s if your brave enough 😉

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h1 tag
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Build Killer Content Rather than Sweating over building your DIGG Network

“Unfortunately the algorithm does not only look at submitters. Before a submission is promoted it must reach a certain number of votes within a 24 hour period. If every time User A submits a story, Users B-Z are the first to vote, the alarms are going to sound. It’s likely that when this happens, User A has jumped on his instant message or microblogging client of choice and spammed his buddy list with the link to his submission or the direct like to the blog (which sequentially has a button to vote on the story embedded within the page).”

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