Linkbait Coaching – Opening the books again July 16th

As you may have noticed I have not been making much effort to sell Linkbait Coaching, the reality is I haven’t needed to. The first month filled up very quickly and I have a bunch of people who missed the frist wave. So I am upping the membership number to 40, I doubt it will increase that figure as the service I offer is personal requires a large time investment from me and I do not think I can squeeze any more juice out of my day.

Linkbait Coaching is not about giving you static lessons and letting you get on with it. I am there to answer your questions on the forum and to help you come up with linkbait ideas and help with headlines for your specific niche.

Help is also there for advice on building a social network and building social media power accounts.

One month on, members have concentrated mostly on linkbait creation help and headlines. We have already created some fine content which is already developing natural organic links and shooting up social bookmarking sites.

In fact, just today I had a member complain his server crashed from too much traffic from Reddit. What a cool problem to have.

A lot of the members are businesses who offer linkbaiting and link building services. The program is excellent for members such as this, as they constantly need fresh ideas and help with headlines.

Sometimes it is difficult to get sound creative advice when you work within a company and to outsource the creative process tapping into hot, new ideas makes perfect sense.

There are a few one man operations too, and what is interesting is the rate that some of them learn. When you consider you can offer linkbait from $2,000 to $5,000 and more, the fee of $400 per month is put into perspective.

I totally understand if people wish to do just one month and then leave, but I will be offering as much information as I can. My cunning plan is to over deliver and get you all to stay.

But no probs if you simply want to sign up for a month.

OK, new members can sign up Wednesday, Noon, UK time, that’s 7AM EST and 4AM West Coast US

Last time it took three days to sell out, so you should be able to get in under 24 hours, but it’s first come first serve.

I will email the sign up link tomorrow.

Any questions you can contact me through

msn: lyndonantcliff @
Gtalk: lyndoman
Skype: Lyndoman

See you on the over side.


Linkbait Coaching

2 thoughts on “Linkbait Coaching – Opening the books again July 16th”

  1. That’s kinda like trying to guess how man Muskrats you can kill after taking part in a Muskrat killking training camp. I coach you in the dark art of linkbaiting, it’s really up to you with how you go about implementing it.

    I am teaching a way for you to get links, how many links? That is up to you. But I will be revealing a few of the success stories though.

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