Is Blogging the Answer?

Patrick Altoft continues the conversation started over at Louis Gray

Basically, the word on the streets is that getting links from blogs is less effective than it used to. This may be true amongst the uber bloggers, but I think it’s still very effective lower down the food chain. And lets face it, if you produce information that is going to solve peoples problems you are going to be popular and get links.

The more narrow the blogs focus the more obvious that it can solve specific problems and so attract a niche audience. The problem with most blogs is they are not narrow enough. If there are not enough bloggers in your niche, attract those who are not. Go sideways, think lateral.

2 thoughts on “Is Blogging the Answer?”

  1. Sideways is the answer. That’s why most people who start SEO blogs never get any readers – they don’t diversify.

    All my most popular posts have been lame ones but that’s what brings in traffic and readers.

  2. I would say that blogging is still an effective way of getting links, but you need to make your posts interesting and research what is going on in your current industry and provide your readers with up to date information and tips that they could try out which will help them.

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