Free Ice cream with every Cheap Payday Loan

It took me a few moments to work out that “Ice cream” is two words and not one, as in “icecream”, or even “iscream”. Hey come on, it’s 2.30 in the AM here.

No, I do not have a payday loan blog, and no I do not sell links to any such sites. This is an seo experiment and the payday keyword is one I like to play with as it’s so competitive and it’s something I have no interest in ever getting into.

I want to see how quick this post will get into google blog search, which I love using.

I want to see if the title phrase ranks in the main google search and how long it takes to appear.

I want to see if I can rank for “Free Ice cream”, or “Cheap Payday Loan”, I doubt it, but you have to push to the edge to see what happens.

It’s ironic but this blog is not had much seo work done, mostly because I can’t be arsed, although the professional reason is I don’t really need to as I get my traffic from social sources and not google.

Sorry if you came here wanting ice cream with your payday loan, yes I know it’s a fake title.

I haven’t been blogging much due to spending most of my time at linkbait coaching and the rest recovering from Seo Class. Yeah I know, I need to blog about it but I have been served with a court order from the High Sheriff of Edinburgh and the Association of Inflatable Quadrupeds to keep quiet.

If you don’t think that dropping £1,500 to learn some cutting edge seo techniques is worth it, then you’re an idiot.

The post now ranks in main search and is indicating it took 4 hours to be listed, but the interesting thing is that it hasn’t popped up yet in blog search, only the Sphinn submission has. Other posts are listed in blog post, so it’s not a ban. obviously has more link juice, but Google did work out that the phrase was here first. Although, in the main search the Sphinn post was picked up two hours after.

So what does this tell us? Nothing definitive, but it does give us a benchmark.

The post ranks now 16th for “Cheap Payday Loan”. Not that I care, I don’t feel like fleecing working stiffs with loans at 2,456% just yet. But, this blog has no incoming links about Payday loans and yet it ranks for it, in a competitive industry too.

I am sure it will drop quite quickly in a week or so.

6 thoughts on “Free Ice cream with every Cheap Payday Loan”

  1. You made my son cry after I had to tell him there was after all no free ice cream with my pay day loan. I hope you feel good about yourself.

  2. Dammit, I want my free ice cream! How would I go about throwing an optimized temper tantrum?

    Oh yeah, that’s right. I don’t need your free ice cream. My boss provides free ice cream in our swanky office here at We Build Pages.


  3. Well maybe I should be selling free ice cream from this blog. Hmmmm, free ice cream.

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