Conversion Rate Experts Launch New Blog

Turning clicks into customers

I usually don’t mention when a site gets a redesign, but this is a little different. I first blogged about Conversion Rate Experts, aka Ben and Karl way back in 2006. I could see then that these guys were special.

They specialise in a niche of seo called conversions, meaning they help you turn that visitor into a paying customer. With all the emphasis on traffic and getting an avalanche of traffic from digg, it’s easy to forget that profit can be improved merely by increasing conversions rather than traffic.

In the past they hardly blogged, they didn’t need to. But now it looks like things are ramping up and lots of juicy things are on offer like tools and resources. Starting off with a list of great marketing books.

But it’s the design of the site I love. It has to be one of the best ones I have seen. I want one 😉

So what are you waiting for? Go to and check them out.