Content Content Content – Why it gets me Excited

Do you groan when you read, “Did you know that content is king?”. I do. But only because it’s an old phrase that has be over-used and misused countless times.

More and more this year I’m thinking it’s the year of content. Last year was the year of Linkbait. But, lets face it, linkbait is content. A “ten cups of Colombian coffee an hour”, kinda content, but content never the less.

When thinking of content, in the context of a web page, think other words too. Don’t just read this post, think about content in the context of your own web properties.

  • facts
  • instruction
  • intelligence
  • knowledge
  • lowdown
  • material
  • news
  • report
  • wisdom
  • word

Content creation is not something that is talked about enough in my tiny seo goldfish bowl world, it seems to be talked about a lot more in the affiliate world, or even the general internet marketing world. Although, you may think it is talked about too much.

Here is why I think it’s important, and this thought was inspired by an anonymous, bad ass, seo I had lunch with this week. You have to create thousands and thousands of pages to get people to your site who are going to convert into pounds and pence. People are searching with increased keyword phrases, people know how to use Google these days. The specific age demographic who spend the most amount of money grew up with Google, they do not know a world without a search engine. They get it.

People are increasingly using 3, 4 and 5 word phrases to search with. How the hell are you going to research and then target a 5 word phrase?. And some of these phrases only get searched for once a month. What use is your fancy keyword tool then?

Actually keyword tools are still very useful, but there are new and different ways to use them. Not sure if I should share right now, but anyway….

The point being that you need thousands of pages of content to pick up this long tail. It’s not simply a long tail issue here because new aspects of the way people use language changes any possibility of predictive seo.

Forget seo.

Concentrate on publishing information which will solve peoples problems, which will naturally create the search phrases that no one else will be competing with.

I hear automated article software being cranked up as we speak, sigh! I’m not against the black hat approach, far from it. If it gets results, do it. But I am more interested in building long term results which act like compound interest. The Warren Buffet approach to seo.

Content creation, backed up with linkbait is my favourite internet marketing strategy right now.

Brian Turner over at Internet Business gets it, Squidoo get it, the New York Times gets it, even digg gets it.

Forget “content is king”, content is seo.

9 thoughts on “Content Content Content – Why it gets me Excited”

  1. It’s enlightening watching the phrases people use to find stuff on our sites. Pages that were originally targeted at a word or phrase bringing in traffic on a ton of related phrases because we took the time to write decent content and solve people’s problems.

    As you say it’s not that fashionable to talk about content when there are so many delicious ‘techniques’ to exploit but the truth is it works, always has, most likely always will 😉


  2. Excellent post and a cause I believe in whole-heartedly.

    It really is becoming truer everyday that both quality AND quantity are needed to win in the race for traffic. The rise in longer keyword phrases means casting the net far wider than we’ve traditionally done in the past.

  3. Well put! The truly successful SEOs have adhered to this subtle philosophy for year, but most folks in the industry still cling to outdated and ineffective “SEO” techniques instead of focusing on the one thing that truly makes a site valuable in every sense of the word.

  4. Hallelujah!

    I like your point about the Google Generation: Generation G. Their entire lives have been lived with search engines putting content at their fingertips. Put more content out there, get more traffic and recognition.

    (I don’t however think that black hat generated text can be considered useful “Content”. Machines aren’t people*yet*, so it’s still off putting when people read mechanically generated articles.)

  5. So true. I believe the term “holistic optimization” makes a good substitute for SEO when your style is to attract traffic with solid text-based content. Can’t imagine creating web editorial without weaving in the target phrases, internal linking, etc.

  6. This is great. If only everyone could listen to you, I’d see far fewer pages heavily optimised for ‘cheap used cars’ and ‘luxury hats’ or whatever else.

  7. As you say, you should still research what keywords to target – some will be easier for your site to get results for and others will earn you more money.

    But forget single keywords, think groups of keywords (keyword niches).

    Then prioritise your target keyword niches and you have your SEO strategy.

    No SEO strategy and you’re playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

    Next plan a structure for your site’s prospective content (and its internal links), with categories of content matching your target keyword niches. (To do this, you have to understand how link power gets distributed around a site.)

    Now you can forget SEO and think quality content and accompanying link building (including linkbait).

    So content is (part of) SEO.

    Or as I used to say: Content is King, Links are Queen and SEO is your Joker in the Pack.

    PS: conversion should be considered throughout – on every page.

  8. You still need to research and choose the keywords you want to come up for in the search engines and distribute them on the relevant pages. If you make sure your content is of a good quality then surely putting some keywords in will only help your SEO, especially when you are link building.

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