To be honest I have not used the personal attack hook that much. Not because I didn’t feel like it, but because I think it’s a slippery style of linkbait and one which can backfire easily, as we can see here with Marty and his shenanigans.

But hey, it got me to link. And if that was the point, then success. Of course there is a cost and that cost may not be instantly quantifiable. The cost must always be considered when indulging in controversial linkbait. Obviously for me it affects how I view the seomoz brand, calling what I do “outright fraud” is a little rich from a blog advocating sock puppet marketing.

I have learned, people do not need to like you or even agree with you to link to you. If you have an opinion there is always going to be someone with a different opinion. But, when you get personal as Marty as done here and I have done in the past, it transcends to a new level.

I am not moralising on the issue, people make their own decisions according to their own moral code and what they think Google will let them get away with.

Before you crank up the slagbait machine, do remember there are real people out there and that nuance and irony are sometimes difficult to communicate over a blog.

What is Linkbait

Red Evo made a comment on a guest post I wrote for I ask what would you call linkbait if you couldn’t call it linkbait, his reply was “good content”.

No. Linkbait is not good content. Linkbait is exceptional content. All your content should be good at least I hope it is. Linkbait is the kind of content you spend ten days crafting. If you did that with all your content you wouldn’t get much done. Linkbait is targeted at a specific target, whilst content is simply targeted at the users of your site.

Someone else claims linkbait used to be called, “Killer headlines”.

No, a killer headline is part of what linkbait is but it is not what it is.

Yura asks a sensible question about using linkbait just for links, well that’s what linkbait is. It’s a tool in the seo tool box you use to get links. That is it’s purpose. If you want to get another outcome you use another tool.

What this tells me is possibly that the seo community still does not get linkbait. It does not surprise me , over at the first questions I usually get aksed is “how can I build my network so I can game digg”. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s not as important as other components of linkbait.

You cannot really blame the seo, they tend to be an odd sort. Getting excited over web traffic stats and obsessing over keywords. I know because I am one, or rather was. Can’t really call myself an seo anymore.

The jump that the seo has to make from what they do to creating linkbait is quite a big one. It’s something I am learning whilst teaching how to linkbait. But once an seo does get it, they have an edge over their neighbour who doesn’t.

Linkbait Coaching – Opening the books again July 16th

As you may have noticed I have not been making much effort to sell Linkbait Coaching, the reality is I haven’t needed to. The first month filled up very quickly and I have a bunch of people who missed the frist wave. So I am upping the membership number to 40, I doubt it will increase that figure as the service I offer is personal requires a large time investment from me and I do not think I can squeeze any more juice out of my day.

Linkbait Coaching is not about giving you static lessons and letting you get on with it. I am there to answer your questions on the forum and to help you come up with linkbait ideas and help with headlines for your specific niche.

Help is also there for advice on building a social network and building social media power accounts. Continue reading “Linkbait Coaching – Opening the books again July 16th”

Don't be Useful, Make Me Think

What makes me link these days is not something that is obviously useful, but rather something that gets me to think. Members of Linkbait Coaching, hopefully know that if they want a to linkbait me, this is what they have to serve up.

So what got me thinking this morning was this post, titled, Don’t Be Popular, be Useful, which in turn is a response to a Jonathon Morrow at Copyblogger titled, How to Stop Being Invisible.

I also read an article in Wired about Juliet Allison, someone I knew nothing about till today. Maybe I should read Gawker more, yeah right.

The Barone article, crystalised a lot of what I had been thinking. Continue reading “Don't be Useful, Make Me Think”