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I hate WordPress. Being a lazy man I would rather be laying on the beach reading back issues of 2000AD, than re-inserting code into a freshly updated WordPress blog.

So I installed the seo title plugin

It enables you to remove the defined blog title from the title tag, enabling the title tag of the page to be more seo friendly. As you can see from my titles, it no longer has “cornwallseo” in the title.

9 thoughts on “SEO WordPress Titles”

  1. Definitely, Word Press isn’t as easy as some claim it to be. Some of the themes mess up the title tags, making it necessary to use the “SEO Title” plug-in to make your blog shine. Looking good!

  2. I had the first issue of 200AD, in fact the first several years worth. You know what’s coming next – my mother threw them all out many, many years ago. I thought I’d got over it but it seems that some scars never heal.

  3. What is it about Mums’ and throwing comics out. I had progs 1 to 500 and they all went in the dustbin.

    I think it’s something you take to the grave.

  4. …and I have finally gotten around to adding the “related” plugin, this site is so not seo’d.

  5. This puppy has always been good to me.

    My mum pretty much managed to ship out everything I owned but didn’t take to uni in my first year of being there. Old football tops, sticker books.. . I feel for you Lyndon.

  6. WordPress isn’t so bad…you just have to know how to stroke it 🙂

    Also – which “related posts” plugin did you use? I tried to install a few last night and had only problems..


  7. As a matter of fact you do have in your title tag… on your home page front page.

    But talking about SEO plugins for WordPress All-In-One-SEO is the best one I’ve used. You can do whatever you want with your titles plus noindex category, archive and tag pages to avoid duplicate content.

    Check it out. It really does a better job.

  8. I’d agree the All-in-One SEO plugin has to be the most comprehensive seo plugin out there for WordPress, if anything it gives me more options than I need for really optimising on a page by page/post by post basis.

    As for WordPress being difficult, are there really better platforms out there that combine seo-friendliness and ease of use so well, especially for net-phobic design clients?

    Plus it’s free!

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