Linkbait Coaching goes Live at 2pm

Note: I will be publishing the sign up link for the program here. I will also email it to the list.

That’s 2pm UK time which I think is GMT+1.

I have only had 4 hours sleep as I had to solve last minute admin problems. I have tested and retested the Membership system and forum, lets hope everything will go smooth.

There is only a limit of 20 people, I know a lot of people have expressed interest so it may fill up quickly. There are a few test and admin accounts already in there, but only 20 people will be involved in the coaching program.

People have asked if it’s a course, not really, although there are aspects of a course. What I am offering is help with your current linkbaiting strategy, as if you hired me as a consultant. I will be helping you improve and fine tune your linkbait strategies.

The program is $400 for 30 days although you can just keep it going and basically outsource your linkbaiting. It will renew automatically, so cancel if you only want a months worth. Payments are all through paypal as I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Some people have said the reason I am doing this is because of recent events. Not true, I have been planning this since January and seriously started putting the thing together two months ago.

If you don’t get in don’t worry, I am sure some spots will open up in a months time.

Hope to see you in there.

May your links be many and aged.

3 thoughts on “Linkbait Coaching goes Live at 2pm”

  1. Just incase anyone interesting is reading the comments, I can attest that Lyndon has been planning this for a long time, way before all the other stuff kicked off.

    I wish you luck Lyndon, I might even sign-up myself 🙂

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