Do you Plurk

I am now Plurking at Plurk, it’s a purdy, Twitter type, Web 2.0, chat to people, type thing which you will get bored with after a few months.

If you ask, what’s the point. Then the answer would be very little. However, if you get why increasing the number of your connections is of benefit to you then come join. It does things differently and this effects the conversation, giving it a different edge.

But, if online, social networking is not necessary to your core business, don’t bother. It’s really just for the uber geeks and only a few of those will actually get it to work for them, rather than working for it.

9 thoughts on “Do you Plurk”

  1. Ok…. so I am officially an ‘uber geek’?? Who knew?

    Was an interesting day playing with it. Now that I have sorted how to filter conversations/cliques, it’s getting a bit easier.

    See how it plays out… the networking space is getting crowded. I have many dormant accounts around merely from protecting my moniker; this could be another.

    Cheers… Dave.

  2. Dont have a clue about twitter… probably why you’re the only guy I ‘follow’ lol it’s probably like a drug you think you need…. I’ll probably sit out this one as well and just actually get on with “getting on” 🙂

  3. I have been using it a bit.
    It is time consuming and needs an API so that someone can develop a client for it .. like Twhirl.
    I believe they are working on an API.

  4. @discuit, I think a lot of these sites get a lot of “new shiny toy” traction, after using it for a few days I can’t quite see the point. If it’s not going to make my life easier, I don’t really think it’s for me.

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