Asked to Speak at SEO Class

Jim Boykin has asked me to speak at SEO class in Edinburgh on June 23rd and 24th. In attendance will be Ammon Johns, Barry Lloyd, Brian Turner, Shaun Anderson and of course, the man himself Jim Boykin.

I am absolutely chuffed and humbled to be asked to speak, especially in the presence of such brilliant people. I will be talking about Linkbait and Social Bookmarking, I may even reveal a few behind the scenes stuff about the recent “mental linkbait”, as all was not how it seemed.

I hear there are a few spots still open, I advise you to snap them up quick as the knowledge you will learn from such and event will easily pay you back with increased business.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. says

    I’d like to point out I was drunk when I proclaimed on Jim’s blog I would be buying the first drink by the way – I’m a Scot remember!

    Note to oneself – Need to stop commenting on stuff after a day / night out.

  2. says

    I’m in Amsterdam on the 23rd for my girlfriend’s birthday, and can’t justify a grand for one day. I hope it goes great for you though.