Linkbait Coaching Update

17 people have signed up for linkbait coaching and 3 people are pending, I have closed the program for applications. If the pending applications fall through I will open it again.

Thanks all for joining, lots of work to get my teeth into.

Lots of fun

Linkbait Coaching goes Live at 2pm

Note: I will be publishing the sign up link for the program here. I will also email it to the list.

That’s 2pm UK time which I think is GMT+1.

I have only had 4 hours sleep as I had to solve last minute admin problems. I have tested and retested the Membership system and forum, lets hope everything will go smooth.

There is only a limit of 20 people, I know a lot of people have expressed interest so it may fill up quickly. There are a few test and admin accounts already in there, but only 20 people will be involved in the coaching program.

People have asked if it’s a course, not really, although there are aspects of a course. What I am offering is help with your current linkbaiting strategy, as if you hired me as a consultant. I will be helping you improve and fine tune your linkbait strategies.

The program is $400 for 30 days although you can just keep it going and basically outsource your linkbaiting. It will renew automatically, so cancel if you only want a months worth. Payments are all through paypal as I want to keep it as simple as possible.

Some people have said the reason I am doing this is because of recent events. Not true, I have been planning this since January and seriously started putting the thing together two months ago.

If you don’t get in don’t worry, I am sure some spots will open up in a months time.

Hope to see you in there.

May your links be many and aged.

$200 Linkbait E-book Free to Linkbait Coaching Members

Members of Linkbait Coaching will receive a free copy of Patrick Altoft’s e-book, which previously sold at $200. He has removed it from further distribution after it went on sale earlier in the year. Apparently it gave away too much information.

After a struggle, I managed to prise the withdrawn e-book from Patrick’s vice like grip and promised to only offer it to my Linkbait Coaching group.

For those who don’t know Patrick, he blogs over at and is an expert link builder and link baiter. Check the backlinks to his own blog.

Headline Writing Contest

The guys over at are running a ppc headline writing contest.

There are some excellent prizes on offer, but because I am all over the place at the moment I forgot to tell you earlier. Hey, you have 24 hours to do it, I’m sure you can do it. Deadline is June 13th.

I know, I’m an idiot, I should have posted earlier.

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